Understanding Copyright

Copyright Protection

Copyright protection is granted to original works of authorship that are fixed in any tangible medium of expression. This protection is designed to safeguard the rights of creators and their creative endeavors.

Duration of Copyright

As of today, a work that is copyrighted is typically protected for the life of the author plus an additional seventy years. This extended duration ensures that the rights of the author and their heirs are preserved for a substantial period.

Copyright 106: Exclusive Rights

Copyright law outlines a set of exclusive rights, often described as a “bundle of sticks,” that copyright holders have the ability to exercise and authorize. These exclusive rights include:

Reproduction: The right to make copies of the work.
Preparation of Derivative Works: The right to create adaptations or derivative works based on the original.
Distribution: The right to distribute copies of the work to the public.
Public Performance: The right to perform the work publicly.
Public Display: The right to display the work publicly.
Transmission: The right to transmit the work to the public through various means.

In essence, copyright provides creators with the legal framework to control and protect their creative works, allowing them to decide how their creations are used and distributed.

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