Blouny is an active community focusing on collaboration with artists and NFT activists all over the world. Let’s talk a little more about us We believe that where there’s Unity there’s always success So why not!! Blockchain Unity Association started the first steps by educating people about NFTs and keeping our community up-to-date by setting up a news channel about blockchain’s most recent top news from cryptocurrencies to NFTs. and Speak Up for artists who couldn’t present themselves because English might not be their first language or even lack self-confidence. so we are focusing to hold workshops where Artists can practice presenting and talking about their stories and share their experiences together. Meanwhile, we are trying to build up a community including Artists, collectors, Business Founders, and everyone who is interested in NFTs and Blockchain manners. form different languages and cultures to different Talents and skills. Trying to help each other to improve, share their experiences, and communicate. So we started gathering around and soon enough we had these great artists in different fields and we started our first collaboration which went quite well. we are also focusing on Marketing and personal branding so that we can help our community way better in the NFT environment.