Right Click Save As-ing Art in NFTs


The Common Concern

One common concern related to NFTs is the ease with which someone can right-click and save the digital art associated with an NFT to their computer. This raises questions about the security of the art’s ownership and copyright.


Legal Perspective

From a strict legal standpoint, individuals who engage in “Right Click Saving” the art associated with an NFT could potentially be violating the artist’s copyright. Copyright law generally protects the rights of the creator to control the reproduction and distribution of their work.


Practical Considerations

However, in practice, many experienced NFT collectors view this concern as largely irrelevant for several reasons:

– “Right click save as” is a concept common to all media, whether on or off the blockchain. It’s possible to copy all types of copyrighted art and media.
– In the case of NFTs, the token holder has a strong mechanism to prove ownership and provenance of the actual art through the token itself. The token serves as a digital certificate of ownership, and the blockchain records the history of ownership and transactions.

In essence, while “Right Click Save As-ing” art associated with NFTs may raise copyright concerns, the practical significance of this action is diminished by the inherent benefits of NFTs in providing a secure and transparent mechanism for establishing ownership and provenance of digital art.

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