Sgt. Pepe is a character born from the memes by 6529 collection, now using the power of the memes and cc0 license to introduce a new way of branding into the world.

Embracing Digital Art and NFTs: Sgt. Pepe’s Journey


In the vast landscape of the internet, one character emerged to capture our essence and transform profound messages into viral memes, a symbol that would spread far and wide – Pepe, the creation of Matt Furie.

Pepe’s Internet Domination

Years later, Pepe the Frog has conquered the entire internet. Even figures as prominent as Donald Trump have shared this iconic meme. In the midst of the digital Renaissance, with cryptocurrencies and NFTs introducing blockchain technology and decentralization to the masses, institutions sometimes attempt to curtail our freedom to transact. Why? The answer is simple: “Without the freedom to transact, we risk losing all other freedoms over time.”

Sgt. Pepe: A New Digital Art Warrior

In the realm of memes, where 6529 creators marked their 37th card, a new member of the Pepe family was born – Sgt. Pepe, a creation of the generative artist Arsonic. Sgt. Pepe’s mission is crystal clear: “Sgt. Pepe stands as a symbol for all of us on the internet, fighting for the freedom to transact and challenging the dominance of institutions.”

The creator describes Sgt. Pepe as a beacon for internet denizens seeking the freedom to transact, fighting against oppressive structures. Moreover, Sgt. Pepe’s use of the CC0 license makes it free for everyone to spread far and wide.

Meme Card 47 - Sgt. Pepe
Complaint Card 3 - Major Karen Pepe
Complaint Card 20 - Oh My Dev
Meme Lab Card 6 - EL FAFO
Meme Lab Card 9 - Pepe Jones
Meme Lab Card 16 - Sir Pepe Wallace
Meme Lab Crd 3 - Sgt. Pepe Wagmi

Expanding Sgt. Pepe’s Universe

Arsonic embarked on an artistic journey, crafting more pieces that bring Sgt. Pepe’s mission to life. These creations aim to make the message accessible to a broader audience.

Recently, an exciting development emerged – Sgt. Pepe’s venture into the physical world. Sgt. Pepe Cold Brew coffee, a tangible product, signals a bold step toward becoming one of the most significant decentralized brands globally. Sgt. Pepe’s influence stretches far beyond the confines of the digital realm.

A Revolutionary Marketplace

Before these recent developments, Sgt. Pepe’s team released a groundbreaking 0% fee marketplace. Here, users can trade meme and memelab cards from 6529 collections, all the Sgt. Pepe World cards, and other Arsonic pieces with no fees. is the platform that levels the playing field for meme enthusiasts. ## Arsonic’s Vibrant Presence Arsonic remains highly active and responsive to market trends. The artist frequently releases new pieces on Twitter, contributing to important or trending discussions in the NFT space.

The Power of Sgt. Pepe

Sgt. Pepe’s presence is not limited to the digital realm. Collaborations, such as the T3 Station collection, have demonstrated the character’s popularity and the demand among notable builders in the NFT space. The floor price for the original Sgt. Pepe piece from the 6529 meme collection currently hovers around ~3.2 ETH, underscoring the character’s value.

Expanding the Universe

Sgt. Pepe’s influence extends further with a remarkable partnership with somehoodlum to create a new comic book featuring the character. Additionally, Sgt. Pepe’s Cold Brews are now available at Walmart, marking a significant milestone for this one-year-old character. The Cold Brews offer a delightful coffee experience, and each can contains two different limited edition NFT pieces, easily minted by buyers. In the ever-evolving world of digital art and NFTs, Sgt. Pepe stands as a symbol of resilience and the fight for the freedom to transact. With each new creation, Sgt. Pepe’s impact grows, and it’s evident that this character is not just a meme; it’s a movement. As Sgt. Pepe continues to expand its presence, there’s no doubt that this digital art warrior is here to stay, challenging norms and shaping the future of the NFT space.


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