Tehran Tech Summit’s AI and Fashion Event Transformed by GM NFT


A Fusion of Art and Tech 

GM NFT took center stage at the Tehran Tech Summit, dedicating a dynamic space to showcase a curated collection of digital artworks from both local talents and international luminaries. The convergence of art and technology resonated with attendees, fostering a deeper appreciation for the possibilities within the NFT and Web3 realms.

Engaging Exhibits

The digital displays adorned the walls, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in a mesmerizing array of artworks. From thought-provoking pieces to visually stunning creations, the exhibition captivated a diverse audience, sparking wonder and dialogue around the intersection of art and tech.

Interactive AR Delights 

GM NFT brought an extra layer of interactivity with AR filters, transporting attendees into the realm of anime characters. The AR-enabled shirts and merchandise added a tangible touch to the experience, showcasing the seamless merger of technology with fashion and artistic expression alongside the metaverse.

Gifts and NFT Redemptions

In the spirit of community building, GM NFT crew and their friends distributed postcards and gifts, some redeemable for exclusive NFTs. This innovative approach bridged the physical and digital worlds, creating a memorable experience and promoting wider engagement in the NFT ecosystem.

Media Sensation

The success of GM NFT’s exhibition resonated beyond the summit walls, garnering extensive coverage from fashion and tech media outlets present at the event space. Artists and attendees alike reveled in the spotlight, sharing the moment with a global audience curious and often passionate about the evolving landscape of digital art.


GM NFT’s presence at Tehran Tech Summit stands as a testament to the growing significance of digital art, NFTs, and Web3 in contemporary cultural narratives. As a collaborative force within the larger tech and fashion sphere, GM NFT showcased the transformative power of art, technology, and community, leaving an enduring impression on attendees and setting the stage for future explorations at the intersection of creativity and innovation.

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