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Let’s take a review on the global crypto market:

Bitcoin’s Price: A Rollercoaster Amid U.S. Economic Events

This week, Bitcoin’s price embarked on a wild journey, dancing to the tunes of U.S. macroeconomic events and market sentiment. It attempted to ascend, but encountered turbulence towards week’s end.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) played a starring role. On Wednesday, the FOMC kept interest rates unchanged at 5.25-5.50%, a widely anticipated move already priced into the markets. Notably, FOMC members now anticipate one more rate hike in 2023, with a shift in projected peak inflation from July 2024 to September 2024.

From a technical standpoint, Bitcoin grappled with the resilient 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). A rally leading up to the FOMC meeting lost steam as Bitcoin failed to breach this crucial resistance, leading to a dip below the 20-day EMA.

The price currently hovers around $26,000, with expectations of a $25,000-$27,500 trading range. Market watchers await potential triggers, including the SEC’s mid-October ETF approval deadline.

Additionally, Bitcoin’s open interest surged abruptly on September 18, near $1 billion, only to recede as traders questioned the significance of Binance’s unsealed court filings. Uncertainty surrounding the case continues to add volatility to Bitcoin’s journey.

Let’s take a look at our 4 favorite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell -1.09% (-$11.297B) and closed at $1.023T

BTC/USDT moved from $26527 to $26248 (-1.05%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1623 to $1581 (-2.61%)

TVL in DeFi grew +2.97% (+$1.197M) and closed at $41.542B


In the memes ecosystem, we had 3 amazing drops from 3 amazing artists and we are aiming for the last week of the Szn4.

Thanks to one the best and most active people around the NFTs, memes ecosystem, and OM, Chris, everyone who has a rememe from the 6529 collection can go through the Harvest gallery on oncyber and add their works.
You can find more details about this event at OM discord.

Meme Card #148- Superelmer – Running Away WAGMI 

Meme Card #147- Rupture – CONTAGION

Meme Card #146- Vertigo – The OMen 

Also don’t forget to check all the memes and rememes from this week in RegularDad’s Deca gallery.

Nakamigos-CLOAKS after mint

Nakamigos, 20k pixel art pfp collection by HiFo Labs, has released their second 20k collection as their next step in the NFT world.
According to the recent NFT market’s demand, many people thought that another 20k project could not succeed, and it would cause the og collection pf drop too. But since so many holders were aware of the mint, after their first announcement and the correction, more than 15k Nakamigos-CLOAKS minted by holders during the private mint for free and the rest also sold out in minutes in public mint for 0.05 and the floor instantly increased to 0.11 an now it seems pretty stable at 0.07-0.1.
Also, the plurality of the traits and introducing new traits to the pfp market like wolf, Drago, Yin Yang, etc, have made a positive impact in trading and the volume has reached more than 1.2k ETH in the first 4 days.
Now, after their “Worldwide Gaming Lisence” and the new collection with gaming traits like power, wisdom, and speed, everyone expect some gaming experiences from the team in the future.
You can read more about Nakamigos and Nakamigos-CLOAKS.

Unveiling the Enigma: Gmoney’s Impact on the NFT Space

Who is Gmoney?

For years, Gmoney has remained a mysterious force within the NFT ecosystem. Concealed behind a pseudonym and the iconic CryptoPunk persona, Gmoney has consistently championed NFT technology and played a pivotal role in its mainstream acceptance.

The Anonymity Dilemma

While anonymity is prevalent in the Web3 realm, Gmoney’s recent decision to unveil his visible identity has raised questions about the delicate balance between influence and incognito. Despite this revelation, his real name remains a closely guarded secret, emphasizing the importance of personal safety.

Transparency in Web3

Gmoney’s choice to reveal his identity aligns with his commitment to transparency within 9dcc and the broader Web3 landscape. He now openly shows his face during live events, embodying the leadership required in the ever-evolving NFT sphere.

Project Highlights

Gmoney’s journey began with the purchase of a CryptoPunk token for 140 ETH, marking his entry into the NFT world. Before this, he spent 15 years honing his trading skills in New York, providing him with valuable insights into the potential of NFTs.

His impact extends beyond collecting, as he actively supports fellow NFT enthusiasts. At the Metaverso NFT summit in Puerto Rico, he raised funds for local nonprofits dedicated to entrepreneurship and tech education.

Gmoney’s projects, including Admit One NFT and 9dcc: NFT Luxury House, showcase his creative prowess. Admit One NFT, for example, evolved from distributing POAP passes into a community embracing disruptive technology and cryptographic adoption.

Collaborating with IYK, Gmoney established 9dcc, a virtual fashion house reimagining fashion in Web3. This venture aims to redefine branded items in the era of the Internet’s new generation. Gmoney’s influence also extends to collaborations with renowned brands like Adidas, highlighting his impact on mainstream brands entering the NFT arena.

As Gmoney reveals his visible identity, his enduring legacy in the NFT community remains intact. He continues to be a vital figure in NFT history, known for his contributions as a builder, collector, and advocate for transparency and integrity in the NFT world. Gmoney’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of NFTs and the individuals shaping this revolutionary landscape.

Unveiling QQL: A Dive into Collaborative Generative Art

QQL Emerges

QQL, a groundbreaking generative art experiment, is the brainchild of Dandelion Wist and a pseudonymous collaborator. This venture transforms collectors into co-creators and curators, introducing an inventive twist to the realm of generative art and NFTs.

Delving into the Concept

Limited to 999 tokens and an open-ended minting window, QQL invites participants to immerse themselves in the algorithm, refining their artistic sensibilities over time. The project encourages collectors to view their involvement as an adventurous creative contribution, fostering a dynamic relationship between art and technology. A unique aspect of QQL is the introduction of curation by collectors, allowing the generative algorithm to explore a broader creative landscape. Here, the collector adopts the role of curator, amplifying the unpredictability and creativity of the journey.

A Fusion of Minds

The inception of QQL stems from a thought experiment on harnessing emergence in generative art. As conversations deepened, the potential for collaboration between creators and collectors blossomed. This partnership integrates diverse perspectives on creating, collecting, and curating generative artwork, resulting in a cohesive and pioneering project.

Tyler Hobbs’ Influence

Tyler Hobbs, renowned for his trailblazing NFT project “Fidenza,” has left an indelible mark on generative art. “Fidenza” captivated the Web3 community with its intricate code and has become one of Art Blocks’ most successful releases.

In “QQL: Analogs,” Hobbs draws inspiration from traditional painting techniques and combines them with robotic tools. Customized mechanical plotters breathe life into his generative code, with Hobbs adding the finishing touches by hand. The project embodies collaboration between creator and collector, reflecting the chaotic and unpredictable nature of Web3.

QQL: Bridging Art Worlds

Tyler Hobbs has seamlessly transitioned from traditional art to NFTs, earning a solo show at the renowned Pace gallery in New York. This groundbreaking exhibition, featuring “QQL: Analogs,” represents a significant step for Pace into the world of web3 projects. “QQL” enables users to engage with Hobbs’ unique creative code, with 900 users having the opportunity to create certified NFTs of their experiments.

Deciphering Generative Art

Hobbs’ generative art operates like a pinball machine within a structured set of rules, producing diverse outcomes with slight variations. This concept aligns with the rich history of computer art, where generative art and computer plotting have been intertwined since the inception of computer art.

Vera Molnár, a pioneer in computer art, laid the groundwork for artists like Hobbs. Her use of binary code and mechanical plotters paved the way for the generative art we see today.

Hobbs’ success lies in his ability to appeal to both traditional art collectors and the NFT community. His commitment to the visual impact of his work, rather than complex code, has made him a standout figure in the generative art landscape.

QQL: A Fusion of Creativity

QQL symbolizes an extraordinary collaboration between creators, collectors, and the ever-evolving world of generative art. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to embark on a creative journey that celebrates emergence, unpredictability, and the dynamic interplay between art and technology.

This week at DecaVerse:

The 17th MVG from the Decurators Council IV finished, and the community chose their winner, which you can see it here.
Also the snapshot for the latest Decal has been taken and there was an exclusive pool for marfa IRL attendees instead of the “unlocked Decagon holders” pool.

Don’t forget to join the Blouny sq on Deca via the link

MARFA ART WEEKEND 2023: A Creative Extravaganza

An Exclusive Preview of Marfa’s Upcoming Art and Community Celebration

Marfa: Where Art Meets Community

Marfa, Texas, a quaint town known for its desert vistas and vibrant art scene, geared up for a unique fusion of creativity, technology, and community spirit. From September 21st to 24th, 2023, this event was an unforgettable blend of artistry and innovation. The Marfa Art Weekend was set to captivate attendees with interactive art installations, enlightening panel discussions, and much more.


Celebrating NFT and Generative Art

Organized by, this event is dedicated to making art and community accessible to all. Rooted in NFT and generative art, it explores the evolving landscape of digital-age creativity. By highlighting the intersection of traditional art with blockchain technology, it offers insights into the future of art collection and appreciation.

Vibrant Venues & Engaging Activities

Marfa’s charming streets will be transformed into hubs of creativity. Galleries like Art Blocks Gallery, Ballroom Marfa, and glitch Gallery will showcase cutting-edge NFTs and generative art. Attendees can anticipate:

– Community check-ins and receptions
– Meetups with renowned digital artists
– Live broadcasts and panel discussions with industry leaders
– Artist activations, from generative embroidery to AI-powered poetry performances


Pushing Boundaries: Art & Technology

Marfa Art Weekend explores the fusion of art, technology, and community. Artist Activations at Saint George Hall feature digital painting installations, generative embroidery showcases, and immersive augmented reality sculptures. Artists leverage technology to redefine their medium, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Under Marfa’s Starry Skies

The festivities extend to Marfa’s iconic night sky. Attendees can embark on a naked-eye constellation tour, connecting the ethereal realm of art with the vast universe. This event bridges the gap between artistic expression and the wonders of our cosmos.

From September 21st to 24th, 2023, Marfa, TX will transform into a haven of creativity. Thanks to, this four-day celebration blends art, community, and cutting-edge NFT technology. Below, you’ll find a detailed schedule promising enriching experiences for art enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike.

*TLDR: Marfa Art Weekend 2023, presented by, is set to captivate from September 21st to 24th, offering a dynamic fusion of art, technology, and community engagement. Expect interactive art, discussions with industry leaders, and a bridge between art and the cosmos under Marfa’s starry skies.*

Weekly Trend News:


POLITICS IS BULLSH*T #34″ by Beeple sold for 79 ETH. From 17ETH to 79ETH in 5 months.


Nakamigos-CLOAKS minted out in minutes.


$32m of CS:GO assets trading on DMarket on Mythos Blockchain.


The open call for 404 October art cataloge by Patrick Amadon will focus on the pieces under the cc0 license.


First episode of Punks As Told By CryptoPunks is coming on Oct. 10th; a partnership between Yuga Labs and NFTNow.


Fewocious’ PFP collection drop is set to launch in next week. “Fewos” is the title of his latest pfp collection.


Base network’s TVL gets close to $400m and pssing Solana


YouTube launches new text to digital art AI + its editing tool.


Rolling Stones NFT FUD article spreads about 95% on NFTs are worthless.

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