Nakamigos-CLOAKS: 20,000 Unique Blockchain Characters with Worldwide Gaming Rights

Introducing Nakamigos-CLOAKS: Your Gateway to 20,000 Unique Blockchain Characters and Their Exclusive Rights

If you’re a collector, creator, or NFT enthusiast, you’ve heard about this newborn community named Nakamigos! and now according to their previous announcements, they have revealed their new collection; Nakamigos-CLOAKS, a collection of 20,000 distinctive blockchain characters, isn’t just another NFT collection. It’s a world where each character is a unique 24×24 pixel art and a gateway to worldwide gaming and commercial rights. Dive into the Nakamigos-CLOAKS universe and explore the possibilities.

What Sets Nakamigos-CLOAKS Apart?

1. Rarity Structure: Nakamigos-CLOAKS boasts an intricate rarity structure. From Main Characters like Warriors, Knights, and Archers, each with its unique traits, to sub-types such as Sorceresses and Wizards, these characters are members of seven clans, each with its identity.

2. Attributes Levels: Every Nakamigos-CLOAKS character possesses unique attribute levels, represented by colored bars. These attributes include strength/power (red), agility/speed (green), and magic/wisdom (blue). Warriors, Archers, and Knights each excel in different areas, offering diverse gameplay possibilities.

3. Transformative Forms: Main Characters have the remarkable ability to take on unique forms, adding depth to gameplay. Archers can also appear as Wild Types, while Wolves come in four distinct forms, with the Arctic Wolf as the rarest and strongest.

4. Rare Gems: The collection includes six rare non-human characters, including the elusive Arctic Wolf and other unique creatures. Each of these rare characters possesses its set of attributes, making them highly sought after by collectors.

5. Powerful Items: Nakamigos-CLOAKS features a wide range of powerful items like Amulets, Symbols, Swords, and Potions, adding strategy and depth to your gaming experience.

Uncover the Rarest of the Rare

If you’re chasing rarity, keep an eye out for Black Panthers, the rarest Nakamigos-CLOAKS, closely followed by Bats. Yin-Yang, Cheetah, Komodo Dragons, and the Arctic Wolf are also considered uncommon. Special traits like the Key of Secrets add intrigue to your collection.

Visual Appeal and Uniqueness

Each Nakamigos-CLOAKS character is meticulously designed with a pixel dimension of 24×24, reminiscent of Nakamigos and CryptoPunks. These stunning artworks are presented in high-resolution 2000x2000px PNG format, ensuring every detail shines through.

One-of-a-Kind Collectibles

What makes Nakamigos-CLOAKS truly special? There are no additional 1/1’s in this collection. Each of the 20,000 Nakamigos-CLOAKS is a unique digital character, making you an ownership experience.

Minting Opportunities

Ready to join the Nakamigos-CLOAKS universe? Early Access Mint, available to Nakamigos holders from the 9/19/23 snapshot, offers a limited window of free minting. The Public Mint, accessible to everyone, is priced at just 0.05Ξ.

Unlocking Worldwide Gaming and Commercial Rights

Nakamigos-CLOAKS opens doors to exciting possibilities:

Worldwide Gaming Rights: “The Worldwide Gaming Rights entitle any creator, company, or entity to incorporate Nakamigos-CLOAKS characters into any game, metaverse, or similar endeavor.”

Creators and companies can integrate Nakamigos-CLOAKS characters into games, metaverses, and more, spanning various genres. read the full Nakamigos-CLOAKS license here.

Commercial Rights: Nakamigos-CLOAKS holders can create and sell merchandise featuring their chosen character, from T-shirts to unique beverage companies, in general they have the same commercial rights as the original Nakamigos. read the full Nakamigos license here.


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