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Let’s take a review on the global crypto market:

This week, market had its downward move and touched the bottom of the current channel at $1.2T but there is no rule to go up after that and always remember that there will be a low, lower than yours. :))

now let’s take a look at our 4 favorite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell 1.94% (-$22.246B) and closed at $1.123T

BTC/USDT moved from $29281 to $29088 (-0.66%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1861 to $1827 (-1.83%)

But the TVL in DeFi fell 3.30% (-$1.4B) and closed at $40.966B


New week and 3 new pieces out!!
But also 6529 has released the Janus publicly and this is a one of its kind of solution in the whole space to solve the issue of AL/WL for the projects.
You can read everything about JANUS here.
Also there are always great conversations about the TDH and its good or bad effects.
TDH is a mechanism that 6529 have developed to reward the long term holders and early supporters and also show his zero interest in trading NFTs.
TDH is the most important element to get an Allowlistin the memes by 6529 collection. Lower edition size cards have more TDH and vice-versa. Also by trading your cards or transferring them out of your consolidated wallets you will the TDH of that card.

Meme Card #125- Ryan Anderson – Build What Feels Good 
Meme Card #126- Marcel Deneuve– Buidl Open Metaverse 
Meme Card #127- DominikG – The Web3 Survival Show 

make sure to take a look at the RegularDad’s Deca gallery to have a full view on all the minted memes & rememes

Notable face:
Sam Spratt, a distinguished artist based in New York, operates from his bustling Manhattan studio. Presently, his creative focus is directed towards his remarkable series, LUCI, which made its debut as groundbreaking NFTs on SuperRare in October 2021. Most recently, this captivating series graced the prestigious auction stage at Christie’s, further establishing his prominence in the art world.

With over a decade of dedicated efforts, Spratt has honed his mastery of digital mediums, seamlessly merging them with the essence of traditional painting. His artistic ventures have spanned an impressive spectrum, finding their place in diverse realms such as gaming, cinema, television, music, literature, comics, periodicals, and theater. Notably, his artistic ethos aims to imbue the virtual spaces we navigate today with a palpable sense of tactility akin to our physical surroundings.

A versatile creator, Spratt’s collaborations have transcended boundaries, encompassing luminaries, esteemed publications, and global corporations alike. His portfolio boasts a rich tapestry of achievements, ranging from shaping the creative vision of industry giants like Netflix and The Game Awards to leaving an indelible mark on iconic franchises such as Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2.

His artistic footprint extends across a myriad of endeavors, including crafting visually compelling magazine covers and editorial illustrations for esteemed publications like Game Informer, Variety, Rolling Stone, Der Spiegel, The Atlantic, and the Wall Street Journal. Adept at creating arresting promotional and advertising imagery, Spratt has lent his vision to prestigious brands like The Clios, Streeteasy, Budweiser, Progressive, National Geographic, and FX Network.

Notably, his influence reverberates within the realms of entertainment, as he has contributed conceptual art to the gaming industry, designed captivating album art and branding for music industry titans including Universal, Warner, EMI, and Def Jam, and fashioned evocative movie posters for acclaimed films honored at prestigious events like the Oscars and Sundance Film Festival.

Spratt’s prodigious talent extends to theater posters for Tony Award-winning plays and personally commissioned artwork that has found its place in the private collections of celebrities, athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs. In the medical sphere, he has applied his artistic finesse to create illuminating medical illustrations in collaboration with The American Association of Cancer Research.

Beyond the confines of traditional artistic expression, Spratt’s creativity knows no bounds. He has ventured into creating tour bus wraps, crafting immersive stage designs, curating captivating merchandise, designing evocative book covers, shaping compelling websites, and conjuring imaginative logos. With an expansive portfolio, Spratt’s distinctive technique, rooted in classical oil-painting training, seamlessly navigates the dynamic landscape of the digital age.

His artistic prowess has garnered attention from a multitude of prestigious platforms, including PBS, Yahoo, Complex, Forbes, NME, Pitchfork, Maxim, The Daily Dot, and MTV. At its core, Spratt’s technique is an artful fusion of his classical oil-painting foundation, artfully adapted to thrive in the dynamic and fast-paced realm of digital creativity.
Recently a piece from his “Skulls of Luci” collection has been sold and made noise in the space that you can read everything about it here.

Notable project:

VeeFriends emerges as a cutting-edge entertainment entity that seamlessly weaves together the realms of artistry, storytelling, collectibles, immersive events, and pioneering technologies. This vibrant company stands as a beacon of communal unity, anchored by a powerful movement rooted in kindness and positivity. Central to their mission is the ambitious endeavor to amplify the influence of 283 distinct VeeFriends characters, each possessing unique attributes, with the ultimate goal of coalescing these elements to forge a more enriched world.

At the heart of VeeFriends lies a transformative purpose – nurturing a vibrant sense of community while sparking the flames of creativity, embarking upon journeys of self-discovery, fostering a spirit of accountability, and nurturing personal evolution. Conceived by the visionary Gary Vaynerchuk, each VeeFriends character embodies virtues and qualities that he aspires to ignite in individuals across the globe. Infused with this profound intention, these characters seamlessly metamorphose into catalysts that invigorate collective growth, instill a profound sense of belonging, and kindle the spark of imaginative expression.

The distinctive essence of VeeFriends comes to life as these meticulously crafted characters encapsulate traits and narratives that embody Gary’s aspirational ethos. This creative characters live through the Ethereum blockchain, paving the way for an unparalleled array of possibilities encompassing utility, collectibility, and the forging of an interconnected community. As this artistic realm converges with innovative blockchain technology, it ushers in uncharted prospects that beckon enthusiasts to partake in a journey characterized by unprecedented engagement and transformative connections.



This week nothing much happened at the Decaverse and everyone is waiting for the decurators council 4 announcement.
as always don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite artists to get notified when they have a drop.
and here is the Blouny sq join and share beauty.

Hot news:

As a new section in our mag we decided to summarize the most important news in the week here:
-Doodles announced their collaboration with Crocs.

Beeple bought his first pfp, a cryptopunk. then announced an exclusivr meetup for the punk holders at his studio. 

-Biggest whale of zombie CryptoPunks woke up with 17 zombies in their wallet. read more

-Nakamigos published a new character in continue to their plans for holders later this year: Fall is coming. read more

-Yuga labs aquired a gaming studio which their latest game has 50 downloads.
read more

Let’s dive into the Art:

Autoglyphs are known as the first onchain generative arts created by Larva Labs (creators of CryptoPunks) and here is the Autoglyph #511 which sold this week.

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