Yuga Labs Ventures into New Horizons with Acquisition of Roar Studios

Yuga Labs, a pioneering force in the NFT space, is making significant strides in expanding its presence in the metaverse and beyond. Exciting news has emerged as Yuga Labs announces the acquisition of Roar Studios, a dynamic company situated at the intersection of gaming, social media, and the metaverse. With Roar Studios’ cutting-edge technology and AI expertise, this strategic merger opens new possibilities for immersive virtual experiences.

Roar Studios, the visionary developer behind the immersive media experience ROAR, has captured attention with its innovative approach to connecting artists and fans in real-time from any location. The ROAR platform has successfully cultivated an environment where collaboration and competition thrive, amplifying the synergy between creators and their audience.

The acquisition brings Roar Studios’ passion and expertise in creating captivating virtual social experiences into the fold of Yuga Labs. With this integration, Yuga Labs aims to enrich their expansive vision for “Otherside,” their metaverse project that seeks to redefine digital interaction and ownership.

The addition of Roar Studios brings talent, technology, and specialized knowledge that seamlessly aligns with Yuga Labs’ overarching mission. The combination of Yuga Labs’ expertise in NFTs and blockchain technology, along with Roar Studios’ prowess in immersive media, holds the promise of a groundbreaking and unparalleled metaverse experience.

Eric Reid, Founder & CEO of Roar Studios, assumes the crucial role of Otherside General Manager, reporting directly to Mike Seavers, Yuga Labs’ Chief Technology Officer. This strategic move ensures the seamless
integration of Roar Studios’ visionary approach into the larger framework of Yuga Labs’ metaverse vision.

The acquisition of Roar Studios marks a momentous leap for Yuga Labs as they venture further into the realm of the metaverse. The synergy between Yuga Labs’ trailblazing NFT technology and Roar Studios’ immersive social experiences has the potential to redefine how artists and fans interact within digital spaces. As Yuga Labs continues to pioneer the convergence of blockchain, gaming, and the metaverse, this strategic alliance promises a future filled with unprecedented virtual opportunities.


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