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Vincent Van Dough: Pioneering NFT Enthusiast

Vincent Van Dough, known as VVD, is a remarkable figure in the NFT space. With years of NFT journey, VVD’s investments and projects have left a significant mark.
VVD’s choice of pseudonym pays tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, indicating his commitment to preserving art traditions in the crypto world.

VVD initiated projects like Starry Night Capital, AOTM Gallery, Notable Pepes, and TungstenDAO, leaving a lasting impact.

Starry Night Capital aimed to raise $100 million to invest in coveted collections, support emerging artists, and establish a physical gallery.

AOTM Gallery showcases the work of renowned digital artists, promoting and managing NFT legacies.

Notable Pepes which celebrated the famous Pepe the Frog meme, with Pepe Checks raising over $1.6 million in 24 hours. The Notable Pepes projects was prompted by CounterParty and the Fake Rares to create a new collection with the focus on pepe at the center but on the Ethereum blockchain.

TungstenDAO, dedicated to iconic NFT assets, gained fame for acquiring a massive tungsten cube and minting meme NFTs featuring it.

Enduring Legacy: His NFT collection includes significant pieces like Fidenza, Pudgy Penguin, and more, reflecting his appreciation for digital art’s cultural significance.

Vincent Van Dough’s presence in the NFT world stands as a testament to his lasting influence and contributions to the crypto art landscape. Explore his journey and impactful projects from here.

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