Who is OSF: From Trading to Digital Art and NFTs


Introduction to OSF

Meet Ovie Faruq, better known as OSF in the digital art and NFT world. OSF’s journey is a unique one, starting from a career in finance to becoming an influential digital artist and NFT creator.

The Transition from Finance to Art

Ovie Faruq, or OSF, had a remarkable transition from his job as a trader at Barclays in London to a digital artist and NFT creator. His foray into the world of NFTs began while he was still working in finance. He was already involved in Web3, primarily as a buyer and seller of NFTs.

While still in the finance world, OSF created an NFT that marked a pivotal moment in his career. It was a doodle of a skull wearing a hoodie with the letters “GM” on it, signifying “good morning” in the NFT community. This seemingly casual artwork turned out to be the turning point in his life. OSF recalls how disillusioned he had become with his day job, and this piece of digital art made him contemplate leaving his job to pursue a career in NFTs.

He decided to take a leap of faith, and it changed the trajectory of his career. He may not have had formal art training, but his history in digital art communities, such as DeviantArt, where he connected with other amateur artists, was a part of his journey that ultimately led to success.

Challenges and Surprises

One of the unique aspects of OSF’s story is his willingness to challenge himself. People might not immediately view him as a “real artist” due to his background in finance, but he finds joy in the challenge. His art often features themes related to the challenges and risks in the world of crypto and finance, such as market crashes and losses.

Notably, his artwork has been recognized by some high-profile figures, including Snoop Dogg, who purchased two of his NFTs. OSF’s journey into digital art and NFTs showcases his resilience and determination to follow his passion.


OSF’s History in NFTs

A Crypto and NFT Investor

Before fully transitioning into the NFT space in early 2022, OSF had a long career in traditional finance, including trading at Barclays. His leap into the NFT world began when he learned about NFTs, which led him to invest in Bored Ape Yacht Club in May 2021. This marked his early steps in the NFT world, where he minted and sold numerous apes, amassing a considerable collection.

In addition to his role as an investor, OSF is a builder and artist himself, distinguishing him as a multifaceted player in the NFT ecosystem. He’s recognized for his unique artistic style that combines dark and vibrant themes, animated elements, and his iconic skull-faced character. His art often portrays the challenges and excitement of the crypto world.

Becoming a Recognized Artist

Although OSF didn’t release his first NFT artwork until October 2021, he quickly gained recognition in the NFT space. His portfolio expanded, attracting a broad audience and a strong following. Notably, one of his pieces sold on SuperRare for a significant amount, demonstrating the growing demand for his unique creations.


OSF’s Notable NFT Collections

OSF has created a range of NFT collections, each with its own distinct style and themes. Notable collections include:

– Rektguy: A massive collection of 8,814 tokens, reflecting his journey from finance to art.

– Red Lite District: A collection of 210 tokens that captures the atmosphere of nightlife.

– Editions: Comprising 19 unique images, this collection has a total circulation of 3,219 tokens.

– 7 Deadly Sins: This collection explores the seven deadly sins through OSF’s unique artistic lens.


OSF’s NFT Success

OSF’s success in the NFT space is undeniable. His creative and unconventional approach to digital art has gained him recognition and a strong presence in the NFT community. With a background in finance and trading, he brings a unique perspective to the world of digital art, blending elements of risk and innovation.


You can explore OSF’s art and collections on various platforms, such as SuperRare, Foundation, OpenSea, and Nifty Gateway.

Whether you view him as a trader turned artist or an artist with a deep understanding of finance, OSF’s journey exemplifies the diverse and ever-evolving nature of the NFT ecosystem. His story is a testament to the transformative power of Web3 and digital art.

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