Who is Isaac “Drift” Wright?


An Urban Explorer Turned NFT Photography Sensation


Isaac Wright’s Journey from Climbing to NFT Photography

Isaac Wright, better known as “Drift” in the digital art and NFT photography world, has a remarkable story that has taken him from urban exploration to becoming an NFT sensation. At 25 years old, Isaac Wright has gained recognition in the NFT community for his unique and daring photographic work.

Coping with PTSD Through Urban Exploration

Wright’s journey began when he left the U.S. Army on medical retirement after six years of service, primarily as a paratrooper in an Army Special Forces battalion. As a civilian, he faced the challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and feelings of disillusionment. Urban exploration became his outlet to cope with these issues. Scaling bridges and buildings offered him a fresh perspective on life, allowing him to focus on the present and overcome his past trauma. This newfound passion led him to discover a therapeutic escape and a captivating view of the world.

The Birth of “Drifter Shoots” and NFT Photography

Hoping to transition his urban exploration hobby into a profession as a photographer, Wright began to scale buildings and structures, capturing breathtaking views. He shared these images under the alias “Drifter Shoots” on social media, attracting thousands of followers. His work stood out for its unique perspective, showcasing a world most people rarely see.

Legal Troubles and the Path to NFTs

However, the line between passion and crime became blurred. Wright faced legal troubles and was charged with burglary and multiple felonies related to his urban exploration activities. These charges could have led to more than 25 years in prison.

While incarcerated for over four months, Wright’s identity as a black man and his military training were used against him. Yet, adversity often leads to innovation.

A New Beginning in NFT Artistry

Wright’s introduction to NFTs occurred during his time behind bars. Learning about NFTs and their potential use for artists sparked his interest. This new paradigm, where digital art could find its value and be sold directly to collectors, intrigued him.

After his release, Wright used his experience as an urban explorer and photographer to create an NFT collection titled “Where My Vans Go.” These digital artworks capture his bold journeys to the tops of structures while featuring his Vans sneakers as a recurring subject. The collection provides viewers with a thrilling sense of height, mixed with awe, serenity, and accomplishment.

Art for a Cause

Wright’s NFT journey didn’t just end at self-expression. He also contributed to charitable causes. His NFT “First Day Out” showcased a transition from a video of a free and dancing Drift to a breathtaking nighttime shot on a suspended bridge. A substantial portion of the proceeds from this sale, amounting to $6.8 million, went to The Bail Project, a nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals who can’t afford bail in the United States.

Isaac “Drift” Wright’s story is a testament to the power of digital art and NFTs in transforming lives. His journey from coping with trauma through urban exploration to becoming an acclaimed NFT photographer is a remarkable example of how the world of NFTs can offer both creative expression and opportunities for giving back.

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