HERDED - Hugo Faz

Hugo Faz: An Artistic Renaissance – From Performance to NFT Pioneer

Versatile Artist Extraordinaire: 

Hugo Faz stands as a multifaceted artistic force, seamlessly transitioning between roles as a queer actor, performance artist, photographer, and filmmaker. His artistry is a testament to a decade-long journey exploring the intricate relationships between the human body and society.

Authorial Performance Acts: 

Faz’s portfolio boasts authorial performance acts that have graced renowned stages and institutions like Mix Brasil, Virada Cultural de São Paulo, SESC, and the São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade. His striking performances include “Runway,” “Sugar Addiction,” “CENSURADXS,” and “Self-sufficiency,” delivering impactful statements on diverse themes.


Lens on Identity and Censorship-Defiance: 

Through his lens, Hugo Faz tackles identity, censorship-defiance, human-machine relationships, and more. His work has garnered international acclaim, featuring in publications like Balaclava.Q, Advocate, and Beautiful Mag.


NFT Vanguard:

Breaking new ground in the NFT world, Faz became the first male nude artist on the blockchain. He’s a Light Artist and a member of Obscura, pioneering the fusion of art and technology. Moreover, he’s the visionary behind Casa NUA, São Paulo’s inaugural NFT Gallery, supporting emerging non-English speaking artists in the NFT space. Hugo Faz is an artist at the forefront of innovation and expression.

you can read more about their works and career at https://hugofaz.art

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