What is a PFP?


PFP stands for “profile picture,” a common feature on social media platforms.

Versatile Usage

People use a PFP for various purposes. PFPs have been around since before the internet, but they’ve gained significant relevance in the online world.

PFPs and Virtual Visual Identities

PFPs are a subset of the broader concept of virtual visual identities, which includes avatars in gaming and PFPs in the realm of social media.

The Role of PFPs

Identity Expression

PFPs play a pivotal role in expressing identity. They serve various purposes, including personal identity, community belonging, and branding.

Insight into Online Communities

PFPs provide insights into users and the cultures of their online communities. Users have multiple, sometimes overlapping, identities, such as professional identity, community identity, and avocational identity.

Platform-Specific PFPs

Users often maintain distinct PFPs across different platforms, influenced by their perceptions of the platform and its audience. They consciously shape their depictions to match the platform’s audience.

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