VeeFriends Joins Mattel for Skeletor and Skilled Skeleton Alliance

Unlikely Collaboration

In a collaboration that no one expected, VeeFriends has formed an alliance with the misunderstood skull-faced despot, Skeletor.

Masters of the Universe Origin Partnership

Through the Masters of the Universe Origin partnership, the luckless villain will hook up with fellow flesh-challenged VeeFriends character, Skilled Skeleton.

Exciting Toy Collection

As a result of this fantastic union, VeeFriends and Mattel will launch a 2-pack toy collection through the Creations.Mattel platform.

Impressive Collectibles

This collection includes a top-quality Skeletor model partnered with an equally impressive glow-in-the Skilled-Skeleton figure, each with interchangeable weapons and accessories.

Pre-sale Details

The excellent new items will arrive for pre-sale at 12 pm EDT on October 6 for $45 plus tax and shipping. However, holders of the original Series 1 Skilled Skeleton collectible can claim their first pack for free.

VeeFriends and Mattel Continue to Innovate Through NFTs

Ongoing Collaboration

This is not the first time VeeFriends and Mattel have collaborated.

Earlier Collaboration

They previously dropped a deck of thematic Uno cards back in December 2021.

Diverse Ventures

Since then, both companies have diversified their portfolios significantly.

Recent Endeavors

So far, VeeFriends has launched sneakers with Reebok, toys with Jazwares, whiskey with Johnnie Walker, and more merchandise with ‘Toys ‘Я’ Us.’

Mattel’s Exploration of NFTs

On the other side of the fence, Mattel has touched base with team NFT through its top brand names, including Hot Wheels, Barbie, He-Man, and more!

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