Top 5 Highest Photograph Sales in the NFT World

The advent of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has transformed the digital art market, enabling photographers to sell their works for unprecedented sums. Here, we spotlight the top five highest photograph sales in the NFT world, illustrating the significant impact and value of digital photography in this space.

1. “Forever Rose” by Kevin Abosch

Sale Price: $1 million

Kevin Abosch, a renowned artist in the NFT space, created “Forever Rose”, which was sold for $1 million on Valentine’s Day in 2018. The photograph of a rose symbolized love and digital permanence, making it a notable piece in NFT history

2. “Twin Flames #83. Eric and Jay McCormick” by Justin Aversano

Sale Price: $1.1 million (335 ETH)

Continuing the success of his “Twin Flames” series, Justin Aversano’s “Twin Flames #83” sold for $1.1 million. This series has solidified Aversano’s reputation in the NFT world, with its profound exploration of the twin experience​

3. 99 Originals #1 by Logan Paul

Influencer Turned Digital Artist

Sale Price: $1.2 million

Logan Paul’s “99 Originals #1” sold for $1.2 million, marking a significant entry into the NFT space by a well-known internet personality. This sale highlights the crossover appeal of NFTs, attracting both art enthusiasts and fans of popular influencers. Paul’s series, which combines his distinctive style with digital innovation, has made a notable impact on the NFT market

4. “Twin Flames #49. Alyson and Courtney Aliano” by Justin Aversano

Sale Price: $3.78 million (871 ETH)

Justin Aversano’s “Twin Flames #49” is part of his “Twin Flames” collection, which explores the concept of twins through various artistic lenses. This photograph sold for $3.78 million on November 23, 2021, and is one of the most significant sales in the NFT photography market. Aversano’s work is known for its intimate and thought-provoking exploration of identity and connection​

5. “Where My Vans Go” by Drift

Sale Price: $7 million (4507 ETH in secondary trading)

Another significant piece by Drift, “Where My Vans Go”, is a collection of 125 photographs taken across the United States. The project has garnered over $7 million in trading volume on the secondary market, making it one of the most beloved NFT photography collections​

These sales highlight the growing appreciation for photography within the NFT market, showcasing how digital art forms are continually evolving and capturing significant value.

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