The Nouns PFP: More Than Just Profile Pictures


Nouns PFPs: A Unique Ecosystem

Distribution Mechanism

– Daily Auction: The Nouns PFP collection utilizes a unique distribution mechanism. Each day, one noun is auctioned off, and the proceeds are directed to the Nouns DAO treasury.
– Nouns DAO Treasury: The accumulated funds find their home in the Nouns DAO treasury.

Artwork and Licensing

– Artwork in the Public Domain: An intriguing aspect of Nouns PFPs is that their artwork is on-chain and declared to be in the public domain under a CC0 license.
– Public Domain / CC0: This means that the Nouns PFPs’ artistic creations are free for anyone to use without copyright restrictions.

Community and Governance

– Noun-Members: Each Noun in the collection represents a member of the Nouns DAO. Remarkably, one Noun translates to one vote within the DAO.
– Exclusive Control: The treasury associated with the Nouns DAO is solely controlled by the Nouns community.
– Nounders: The founders, affectionately known as “Nounders,” receive one Noun for every ten Nouns that enter the ecosystem.
– Open-Source Commitment: The Nouns PFP project showcases a strong commitment to open-source development and building.

Nouns project’s official website is

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