The Intricate Journey of Beeple’s “Politics is Bullshit” NFT Puzzle


A Cryptic Puzzle, A Hidden Prize

In the world of NFTs, few artists have captured the imagination quite like Beeple. His “Politics is Bullshit” NFT, part of his inaugural drop known as “The First Drop,” became the center of intrigue and mystery, thanks to a hidden puzzle and a coveted prize.

The $1 NFT That Made Waves

Released on October 30, 2020, “Politics is Bullshit” was offered as a series of 100 tokens, each priced at just $1. To everyone’s surprise, the series sold out almost instantly, foreshadowing the NFT craze that was to come. These tokens later regularly fetched over $100,000 on secondary markets.

Enter Beeple, the Unconventional Showman

Beeple, known for his unorthodox approach, went beyond the digital realm. Many of his subsequent NFT works were accompanied by physical collectibles. These unique packages included LCD panels displaying the digital artwork and often featured intriguing or risqué items.

The Clues Begin to Surface

Rumors of a physical collectible tied to “Politics is Bullshit” began circulating towards the end of 2021, and by January 2022, it was confirmed that a physical edition was in progress. In April 2022, completion of physical editions for all 100 tokens was announced, and they began shipping to their registered owners on April 12, 2022.

The Mystery Deepens

In August 2022, an ask-me-anything (AMA) session with Beeple revealed a tantalizing secret hidden within the “Politics” physical editions, promising a yet-undisclosed prize. This revelation set off weeks of frantic searching by owners, but the puzzle remained unsolved.

The Breakthrough and Collaboration

December 2022 marked a turning point when Beeple collector Aizome.eth cracked one of the puzzles, sparking renewed interest in the “Politics” puzzle. A Beeple owner named RadicalNotions.eth revealed his successful solution on December 13th, leading to the award of a prized artwork, “Rebirth.”

The Hidden Message in Morse Code

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place on December 15th when NiftyMike discovered a hidden message encoded in Morse code. By manipulating the physical box and an RFID-enabled metal card, the intricate pattern of dots and dashes was revealed. The months-long mystery of the “Politics is Bullshit” puzzle had finally been unraveled.

This journey exemplifies the excitement and intrigue that the NFT space can offer, where digital art transcends its virtual boundaries, inviting collectors on an adventure filled with cryptic clues and hidden treasures.


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