RegularDad: The Meme Maxi Making Waves in the NFT Community

Who is RegularDad?

RegularDad, a prominent figure in the NFT and meme community, has become a well-loved personality among NFT enthusiasts. Known for his humor, creativity, and unwavering support for newcomers, RegularDad is a true embodiment of the mfer culture. His contributions to the meme ecosystem, especially through his Deca galleries and the Seizer Awards, have been instrumental in keeping the community vibrant and engaged.

Deca Galleries: A Chronicle of the Meme Ecosystem

The Genesis of Deca Galleries

RegularDad’s Deca galleries are a unique recapitulation of the meme ecosystem from season one (szn1) to the present. These galleries not only document the evolution of memes within the community but also highlight the creativity and spirit of the participants. Initially featured in the szn2 magazines, these galleries have become a staple, offering a nostalgic yet informative look at the community’s journey.

The Seizer Awards: Keeping the Community Engaged

In the current bearish market, keeping the community motivated and active is a challenge. RegularDad rises to this challenge with the Seizer Awards, a fun and competitive event that hypes up the community. His ability to maintain a positive and engaging atmosphere is a testament to his dedication and passion for the NFT culture.

Supporting Newcomers: A Pillar of the Community

RegularDad is not just about fun and games; he plays a crucial role in supporting new members of the meme community. His welcoming nature and willingness to help newcomers navigate the NFT space have earned him respect and admiration. By fostering a supportive environment, he ensures that the community remains inclusive and dynamic.

The Journey of RegularDad: A Story Told Through NFTs

The Beginning: May 25, 2022

RegularDad’s NFT journey began on May 25, 2022, marking the start of an exciting adventure. His first NFT purchase was a reflection of his personality – fun, approachable, and aligned with his interests. This initial step set the stage for a deeper involvement in the NFT world.

The Love for mfers: mfer #9672

mfers were the NFTs that captivated RegularDad the most. Despite initially being out of his price range, he was able to acquire mfer #9672 on June 14, 2022, after the price drop. This smiling, non-smoking mfer became his profile picture (PFP) and a symbol of his identity within the community.

The Importance of 6529 and CryptoDickbutt

RegularDad’s journey also includes a significant decision on June 29, 2022, when he had to choose between Nakamoto Freedom and a CryptoDickbutt (CDB). Although he succumbed to the FOMO and chose CDB, this experience became a valuable lesson in his NFT adventure.

Milestones and Memes

From securing his first allowlist (AL) spot and minting on July 14, 2022, to acquiring his first ReMeme on July 17, 2022, RegularDad’s path is dotted with memorable milestones. His dedication to completing collections and his thrill in participating in mints, such as the one where he successfully obtained Sgt. Pepe, highlight his deep engagement with the community.

Opepen Edition: A Notable Project

The Concept and Launch

The Opepen Edition, a geometric pepe, launched on January 8, 2023, for a limited 60-minute minting window. With 16,000 editions minted, this free open edition captivated the community. Initially, the art was a simple rectangle-shaped pepe, inspired by Batz’s geometric style.

The Evolution of Opepen

The artwork of Opepen Edition has evolved through periodic drops, each curated by Butcher. These drops, each consisting of 80 opepen with a total of 200 drops, keep the community engaged and eager to see what comes next.

Conclusion: RegularDad’s Impact on the NFT Community

RegularDad exemplifies the spirit of the NFT and meme community. His efforts in creating engaging content, supporting newcomers, and maintaining a fun atmosphere have made him a notable figure in the space. Whether through his Deca galleries, Seizer Awards, or personal NFT journey, RegularDad continues to inspire and uplift the community, proving that mfers truly do what they want.

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