RarePass: Redefining the Landscape of CryptoArt Collection


A Deep Dive into RarePass: Unveiling the Future of CryptoArt Collecting


H3: RarePass: Revolutionizing CryptoArt Collecting

In the ever-evolving realm of Web3 and digital art, a groundbreaking initiative has emerged, shifting the paradigm of crypto art collection – RarePass. In this feature, we delve into RarePass shedding light on its transformative potential in the world of digital art and NFTs. Unlocking the RarePass Experience RarePass, as viewed through a journalist’s lens, represents a transformative milestone in the world of crypto art collection. With a single transaction, collectors gain exclusive access to a collection featuring some of the world’s most prolific crypto artists. Let’s explore the key features:
  1. Monthly Airdrops: RarePass holders are in for a treat with guaranteed monthly airdrops for a year. Legendary crypto artists craft 250 unique 1/1 artworks, which find their way to RarePass wallets each month. Multiple passes mean multiple airdrops.
  1. Winning Opportunities: RarePass provides not just one but three opportunities each month to win a unique 1/1 artwork. The selection process is provably random, giving every pass holder an equal chance (1 in 250) to win. Owning multiple passes multiplies your winning chances.
  2. More to Come: Stay tuned for additional benefits yet to be unveiled as the program unfolds.
RarePass #1: Setting the Bar High RarePass #1 stands as a class apart, offering unique privileges beyond the standard benefits. This exclusive pass, as observed by a journalist, presents the following advantages:
  • Exclusive Design: Designed by renowned 3D artist Alessio De Vecchi, RarePass #1 is a work of art in itself.
  • First in Line: RarePass #1 holders enjoy the first token/artwork from each monthly Airdrop Artist series, setting them apart from other pass holders.
  • Swag Galore: Choose one item from every limited edition SR Artist swag drop throughout the program year.
  • Signature Skateboard: Own the signed, numbered, and uniquely marked skateboard #1 from the Other World limited edition swag drop.
  • More Surprises Await: Keep an eye out for additional special benefits exclusively reserved for RarePass #1 holders.
Meet the Participating Artists: A Gathering of Visionaries RarePass: Genesis brings together 25 artists, both as Airdrop and Special Release contributors. Among these visionaries are Anne Spalter, Carlos Marcial, Coldie, Helena Sarin, Krista Kim, Matt Kane, OSF, Other World, Pindar Van Armen, Robness, Sarah Zucker, and Xcopy.

RarePass Details: Limited and Distributed From a journalist’s perspective, RarePass has a limited availability of 250 passes in total. Of these, 209 were made available to the public through minting. The remaining 25 were reserved for participating RarePass artists, while 6 were allocated for a community giveaway. An additional 10 RarePasses were earmarked for SuperRare Labs and strategic partners. To maintain fairness and prevent automation, a limit of 5 RarePass purchases per wallet was enforced. Trading and Selling: Flexibility with Added Benefits RarePass holders are granted the freedom to sell their passes at any time on SuperRare.com. However, being a holder comes with added benefits, including secondary sale royalties. Secondary Markets: Accessing RarePass on SuperRare.com RarePasses and artworks find their way to SuperRare.com’s secondary NFT markets. SuperRare.com ensures the honoring of both artist and collector royalties, bolstering support for crypto artists and the digital renaissance. Sales and Royalties: A Fair Distribution Primary sale proceeds undergo meticulous distribution, with shares designated for participating RarePass artists, SuperRare Labs, and the SuperRare DAO. Secondary royalties stemming from RarePass sales are divided among the participating artist pool, the SuperRare DAO, and Transient Labs

Collecting on SuperRare.com

Unlocking Collector Royalties Collectors who choose SuperRare.com to purchase RarePass artworks enjoy an advantage. They become the first owners of these works on SuperRare, qualifying them for collector royaltieRelease Schedulele: Embracing Surprises The release calendar remains shrouded in secrecy. Each month, RarePass holders anticipate a unique 1/1 artwork from one of the 12 participating Airdrop Artists. Additionally, they stand a chance to receive 1 of 3 unique 1/1 artworks from the rotating Special Release ArtistEasy Artwork Distributionon: Seamless for RarePass Holders Transient Labs’ engineering ensures that RarePass holders receive their artworks seamlessly at designated release times. No additional entry, minting, or opt-in is requireCollaborative Partnerships: Fostering a Thriving Ecosystemem SuperRare has embarked on a collaborative journey with partners across the Web3 spectrum to continually enhance the RarePass experience. Official partnerships have been announced with Async.art, Infinite Objects, MoonPay, NETGEAR/Meural, Punk 6529’s Open Metaverse (OM), Tessera (Fractional.Art), and Transient Labs. Those interested in becoming strategic partners can reach out via bizdev@superrare.coCommunity Giveaway: Celebrating the Active Communityty

The community giveaway seeks to acknowledge individuals actively participating in the SuperRare community before the RarePass launch. Six passes will be given away to the wider SuperRare community – 2 for artists, 2 for collectors, and 2 for $RARE holders. The selection will be random, based on qualifying activity and community engagemenStaying Informed and Secure: Official Communicationon For RarePass-related communication, SuperRare Labs will use the email hello@superrare.com. Importantly, SuperRare will never request ETH or private seed phrases and will not DM for any reason on Twitter or Discor

The Journalist’s Take on RarePass: A New Era in CryptoArt

In conclusion, RarePass emerges as a beacon of innovation in the crypto art landscape. Its unique features, artist collaborations, and commitment to fairness have the potential to revolutionize the way collectors engage with crypto art. As RarePass continues to unveil its surprises, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of NFTs and digital art in the Web3 era. Stay informed about the latest updates and developments in the gaming and blockchain space. Join our community of and blockchain enthusiasts to be part of the exciting journey ahead.

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