PFP NFT Collections: Unraveling Key Outstanding Issues


Valuation of PFPs: The Quest for the Right Price

The Utility Dilemma

– Understanding Utility: The concept of utility in PFP collections raises questions. What does utility truly signify? Does it have regulatory implications in the realm of securities?
– Licensing Models: The ongoing debate between commercial licenses and CC0 (public domain licenses) remains unresolved. Which licensing model will ultimately prove more effective in the PFP world?

PFPs: Communities or Customers?

– Community or Customer: PFPs straddle the line between being communities and customers. Their dual role in this ecosystem can impact various aspects of the NFT market.
– Cultural or Fast Fashion: Another intriguing issue is the categorization of PFPs. Are they a unique art and culture field, or do they mirror the fast fashion industry in the digital realm?

Sustainable Revenue Models

– Beyond Primary Sales: The quest for sustainable revenue models extends beyond primary sales of PFPs. Discussions are underway about royalties, products, and services that can fuel the PFP ecosystem.

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