Opepens are conquering the whole space when the Threadguy the famous NFT influencer, after 2 years of rocking with his MAYC got rejected for the ApeCoin DAO council, recieved many offers for his pfp; FrandDegos offered him a Degods and Y00ts, someone offered a 27E Opepen and many ETH offers like 27E, 42.69E etc. But finally Jack Butcher offer got accepted; an Opepen with the Threadguy’s famous mutant color pallet, after changing his pfp, Butcher immediately opened a claim page for ThreadGuy’s opepen as an open edition only for the provenance at .001E, then the whole Twitter went crazy, opepen pumped from .3E to .6E, different accounts started changing their pfps to opepens, beeple droped a piece with Opepen, and now accounts like Opensea are changing their pfps into the Opepens with their own color pallets.

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