Matt Medved: Pioneering the Fusion of Web2 and Web3 with NFTs

Introducing NFT Influencer Matt Medved

Meet Matt Medved

Matt Medved is an accomplished American entrepreneur, journalist, DJ, and record producer. He co-founded nft now, a leading media platform dedicated to NFTs and Web3 topics, where he serves as CEO and editor-in-chief. Medved’s transparent and public persona has positioned him as a prominent figure in bridging the gap between traditional and digital realms, particularly in the NFT space.

Matt Medved’s Journey in the World of NFTs

Medved’s fascination with blockchain technology was ignited in 2013 upon reading the Bitcoin whitepaper. This pivotal moment led him to explore the potential of blockchain in conjunction with his expertise in music and culture. Collaborating with industry figures like 3LAU, Medved delved deeper into the NFT landscape, ultimately co-founding nft now in 2021. Under his leadership, nft now has become a premier source of NFT-related information, garnering widespread recognition and accolades.

The Visionary Leader

Collaborations and Achievements

Medved’s impact extends beyond nft now, with notable collaborations shaping the NFT ecosystem. Notably, nft now partnered with Christie’s for an exclusive NFT art exhibition during Art Basel Miami, showcasing the works of renowned artists and technologists. Medved’s visionary approach earned nft now the esteemed NFT Award in 2022 for its outstanding coverage of the NFT space, solidifying its position as a leading authority in the industry.

Diverse Expertise and Background

Before his NFT endeavors, Medved held influential roles in media and entertainment. As the former SVP of Content at Modern Luxury and Editor-in-Chief of SPIN, he spearheaded transformative initiatives in the music and culture landscape. Additionally, Medved’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Billboard Dance, establishing it as a premier publication in North America. Beyond media, his commitment to social impact is evident through his work in human rights research and conflict resolution consultancy.

Entrepreneurship and Artistry

Medved’s creativity transcends media, with a flourishing career in music as a DJ and record producer. His releases on prominent labels and performances at renowned festivals underscore his global influence and artistic prowess. Medved’s entrepreneurial ventures and artistic endeavors reflect his multidimensional approach to innovation and creativity.


Matt Medved’s journey epitomizes the convergence of entrepreneurship, innovation, and artistic expression in the digital age. Through his leadership at nft now and pioneering efforts in the NFT space, Medved continues to shape the future of decentralized ownership and digital culture. As a trailblazer in merging Web2 and Web3, his contributions underscore the transformative power of NFTs in redefining the boundaries of art, technology, and entrepreneurship in the modern era.

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