“heart bleeds love” is a reinterpretation of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Ashes.”

heart bleeds love (HBL) was launched as a free 24-hour open edition on November 11, 2022, one of the bloodiest days in crypto history marked by the collapse of FTX — which led to a widespread market downturn.

Minting of HBL was limited to one per wallet, and approximately 6,900 unique wallets participated in collecting the piece.

Following its launch, two burn events decreased the supply to 5,253 editions.

1,180 editions of HBL were burned in December 2022 to redeem 118 editions of “Anatomy of an Artist” in the ‘static’ collection.

385 more editions of HBL were burned in February 2023 to redeem 77 editions of “When It Rains.”

Heart Bleeds Love by JakNFT

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