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Blouny mag special edition

“gm NFT event”

A delightful event with over 200 attendees, a dream that came true in less than 2 weeks!
From community for community.
Our initial idea was to gather remarkable creators, artists, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts for a 4-hour event, sharing our experiences and fostering connections. Little did we know it would turn into a huge, crazy night! We absolutely nailed it!
Thanks to our first sponsor, 0xplatform, we had the support of someone we’ve known since the early days of this space, the cool and true degen Bornosor; an artist, collector, and visionary with big ideas.
He has been working on 0xplatform as a hub for digital artists to share ideas and communicate. He also curated the “Artistic” part of the event, showcasing a gallery of artworks collected by him.

Next, we needed the perfect location for the event. Pepelady envisioned a cozy open space where everyone could chill and network comfortably. Thanks to our fam 0xkiavash, we discovered the “Niavaran Palace,” a mesmerizing historical complex with over 250 years of rich heritage.
6/ Niavaran Palace, situated in the north of Tehran, boasts a large garden and numerous museums. It was the last place the royal family resided in Iran before leaving the country.
You can learn more about this historical treasure here
We chose a cozy cafe nestled in the heart of the art museums, surrounded by the wind of art and culture. It provided the perfect ambiance for our gathering.

With the venue settled, we focused on the content of the event. We carefully selected materials that represented our own POV on NFTs.
We covered
and, most importantly, “GM.”

So, we came up with the tag #gmNFTevent and curated tangible materials to simplify and coolly convey the essence of each topic. Special thanks to chahab for the amazing visual design characterizing the entire event.

Armed with our materials, we focused on finding the best ways to express each concept. We showcased notable examples for each category.
In “GM CULTURE,” we acknowledged the immense contribution of punk 6529. Their threads covered the basics extensively. We showcased memes and rememes as examples of cultural objects and community in the space.514:51


The artworks of my fam TheMeans and Blouny Mag were also featured.

(Blouny Mag is a weekly magazine published by the Blouny team, shout out to 0xbartender, POCMan1114  and Sadra  for their great job on magazine!

To keep people engaged in the culture, we combined memes and drinks, memes and gifts, memes and remmemes, memes and cultural objects. Yes, we did this: “FREE TO COLLECT.”
 We selected notable collectibles & gifts, including GrantYun2, XCOPYART, sartoshi, & the memes!

Another Project we found notable both in culture and community was NounsDAO. We showcased their active DAO, which plays a powerful role in shaping the NFT space.
We partnered with Nouns Persian run by our fren 0xSepi, who brought attention to our event. We offered 3D prints of Noggles, postal cards, stickers, Drinks, and a special magazine edition on the NounsDAO ecosystem as gifts.
It was a Nounish experience!

We also highlighted Deca, a notable project active in both art and culture. Surprisingly, four out of the total 12 MVG winners so far were present at the event, along with many other Deca friends, decorators, artists, gallery makers, and OG OCTAGON holders.
It was a great talk with Decans also some shared their Deca galleries and showcased their art and NFT collections on screen.


Moving on to Technology and Metaverse, we opened the doors to a 100 million users platform, OpenMetaverse at oncyber. It took the art show and communication to the next level. The audience loved it, and their reactions were heartwarming.
We highly recommend checking out the “Left Click Bought” gallery designed by Bornosor . Thanks to Darren, we transformed the gallery into the 6529 museum district.
We shared the exciting experience of an art show in the OM with the attendees in real life. Everyone enjoyed exploring the oncyber gallery and admiring the diverse artworks.

For many attendees, it was their first-ever experience of interacting with the Metaverse. It was truly a memorable moment, and we are grateful to everyone who made it possible.

On the other side of technology, we emphasized the importance of provenance in NFTs by showcasing a Tokenframe that boldly proclaimed, “Provenance is the priority.” The thoughtful technology and exceptional quality behind it were evident.
We featured beautiful pieces from the 6529Collections owned by Blouny in the digital frame of provenance.
Arts by 6529er, Tyronejkd, punk6529, and others mesmerized the audience.
Special thanks to tokenframe Ciro Arianna for making it happen.

Next, we delved into the world of Art, showcasing both physical and digital artworks. It’s worth mentioning that all the artworks were either owned by us or released under CC0.
We highlighted BoredApeYC, Damien Hirst, Arsonyc, #SgtPepe, and other collectibles.

With a focus on digital art, we organized a panel for artists to “MINT a Memory.” The idea was to enable artists to display their art and create a unity masterpiece. Each attendee had the opportunity to mint and receive a unique piece. The interaction was beautiful.

In the realm of “GM Utility,” we showcased the concept of physical drops as examples of how personal brands can leverage NFTs for loyalty clubs. And who better to exemplify this than BoredApeYC Thanks again to Bornosor for showcasing his digital monkeys and limited merch!


Our event wrapped up with a free-form discussion panel, where we had an hour-long chat with the community. Special thanks to the panel speakers who shared their insights and experiences from the worlds of art, culture, DAOs, and utility. And yes, we all spoke for the community!

We mustn’t forget our invaluable partner, OochikDAO, whose representative joined us as a speaker. Attendees were delighted to receive a beautiful piece of art in the form of a postal card from OochikDao , symbolizing the spirit of creativity and collaboration.

In addition to the captivating content, we owe a great deal of gratitude to the individuals who made this event possible. Ali Masoomi and the team expertly handled the registration process, ensuring smooth logistics.
The website provided a comprehensive guest list, showcasing the diverse careers of our attendees. it now includes all the materials of the event, and yet more to come!

None of this would have been possible without the incredible team of volunteers:

POCman1114RanaNomadChahabMnopxart, XODexlar0xTheGreatYellowMortyWierd Whale
Spending an evening together was truly special.
Each and every one of them played a crucial role in making this event a historical day to remember. I am immensely grateful for their dedication and hard work. Iykyk.
Together, we are shaping the future of NFTs and leaving a lasting impact on the art and cultural landscape.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and initiatives from the #gmNFTevent. This is just the beginning, and there is much more to come. Let’s continue to push boundaries, explore new horizons, and create a community that inspires and empowers one another.

Thank you all once again for making the #gmNFTevent an unforgettable experience. Your presence and enthusiasm made it a night to remember. See you soon!

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