Introducing Gifted: Revolutionizing the Digital Gifting Experience

Gifted ๐ŸŽ is an innovative platform designed to transform the way we send and receive digital gifts. By offering a seamless, beautiful, and interactive experience, Gifted ensures that digital gifting becomes a joy for both the sender and the recipient.

Why Gifted is a Game-Changer

Beautiful and Interactive Receiving Experience

Gifted offers a stunning and immersive experience for gift recipients. The platform ensures that receiving digital art is as thrilling as opening a physical gift, with interactive features that captivate and engage.

No Wallet Setup or Crypto Purchase Needed

Gifted simplifies the digital gifting process by eliminating the need for wallet setups or cryptocurrency purchases. This ease of use ensures that anyone, regardless of their familiarity with digital assets, can enjoy and appreciate digital gifts.

Personalized Touches

Each gift sent via Gifted can include a personalized note and context about the art and the artist. This personalization makes each gift unique and meaningful, enhancing the overall experience for the recipient.

Ideal for All Your Gifting Needs

Perfect for Family, Friends, and Community

Gifted is perfect for sending digital gifts to loved ones and community members. Recipients do not need an existing wallet or cryptocurrency; all they need is their email address. Gifted utilizes embedded wallets powered by @privy_io, along with unique gift box NFTs, to make the process seamless.

Collaboration with Award-Winning Artists

Earlier this year, Gifted collaborated with award-winning artist Shavonne Wong to gift her 1/1 collectors with “Year of the Dragon,” a piece that beautifully merges tradition with the digital world. This collaboration highlights Gifted’s commitment to working with top-tier artists to deliver extraordinary digital art.

Multi-Recipient Campaign Tools

For those with extensive gift lists, Gifted offers powerful tools to manage multi-recipient campaigns. These tools make it easy to send digital gifts to large groups, perfect for corporate gifting or community events.

Unique Gift Box NFTs

Gifted sends digital gifts inside unique gift box NFTs, which can hold multiple NFTs and tokens. These gift boxes are ideal for sending “starter packs” to new users or creating exciting gift bags for events.

Join Gifted and Receive a Limited Edition Gift

Sign-up to become an early tester for Gifted and receive a limited edition gift from the platform. Experience the future of digital gifting firsthand and be part of a revolutionary change in how we give and receive digital art.

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