From Film to Frontier: The Evolution of Frank DeGods in Web3


This article embarks on a captivating journey tracing the trajectory of Frank DeGods, a name synonymous with innovation in the burgeoning Web3 landscape. We’ll navigate through his unconventional path, from his early aspirations as a film student to his current role as the co-founder of a multi-million dollar Web3 enterprise, DeLabs.

Hollywood Dreams to Tech Trailblazing

Early Life and Film Aspirations

Frank DeGods, whose real name is Rohun Vora, initially harbored ambitions in the film industry. He enrolled in the prestigious UCLA film program, inspired by his early experiences working on movie sets during his teenage years. This artistic foundation likely shapes his creative approach in the Web3 space.

Transition to Technology

Despite his passion for film, DeGods’ entrepreneurial spirit led him to pivot towards technology. He was accepted into Y Combinator, a revered startup accelerator, where he raised $1.3 million. This marked the beginning of his journey into the tech world. Following his stint at Y Combinator, he attended a coding boot camp and secured a position at Main Street, a software development company that achieved a valuation of nearly $500 million.

Y Combinator Launchpad: Igniting a Tech Revolution

Founding DeLabs

In 2021, DeGods co-founded DeLabs, a pioneering entity within the Web3 sphere. DeLabs quickly gained a reputation for its innovative approach to blockchain technology and digital collectibles. DeGods’ deep dive into the Solana ecosystem allowed him to build significant influence within the community.

DeGods NFTs: A Testament to Collaborative Triumph

The DeGods NFT Collection

DeLabs’ standout project, the DeGods NFT collection, has become a prominent digital collectible in the Web3 community. The project distinguished itself with its unique approach to human avatars, diverging from the prevalent animal-themed NFTs. The introduction of the “Paper Hand Bitch Tax” and the launch of the $DUST token demonstrated DeGods’ innovative spirit.

Expanding Horizons

The success of DeGods NFTs was not the end but the beginning of DeLabs’ journey. The company ventured beyond Solana, bridging DeGods to Ethereum and even creating Bitcoin Ordinals. Another significant project, y00ts, found its place on the Polygon blockchain, showcasing DeLabs’ versatility and ambition to create a multi-chain empire.

Beyond the DeGods Phenomenon: DeLabs’ Versatile Expansion

Multi-Chain Empire

DeLabs has established itself as a multi-dimensional entity under DeGods’ leadership. The transition of DeGods to Ethereum and y00ts to Polygon exemplifies the company’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape. This multi-chain strategy highlights DeLabs’ capacity to innovate and thrive across different blockchain platforms.

Looking Forward: The Everlasting Influence of Frank DeGods

Inspirational Journey

Frank DeGods’ odyssey from film enthusiast to Web3 luminary is a tale brimming with inspiration. His achievements, including the co-founding of DeLabs and the establishment of the DeGods NFT collection, epitomize his knack for identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends. As the dynamic realm of Web3 continues to evolve, the ongoing contributions of DeGods and DeLabs promise to shape its trajectory in profound ways


Frank DeGods’ journey from aspiring filmmaker to a pioneering force in the Web3 world is a testament to his visionary mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. Through DeLabs, he has created a lasting impact on the digital art and blockchain communities, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the decentralized world. As we look to the future, Frank DeGods remains a pivotal figure in the ongoing evolution of Web3.

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