Explore Fewos: Inhabitants of FewoWorld


Fewos, the fascinating inhabitants of FewoWorld, await your discovery. Dive into this cosmic universe, where 20,000 unique characters come to life through the explosion of Paint.

Unveiling Unique Traits

Each Fewo possesses its own distinctive set of traits and characteristics, intricately embedded in their DNA. From squiggly eyes to linework bones, Fewos are a testament to creativity, hand-drawn and transformed into captivating 3D art by the visionary mind of FEWOCiOUS.

Your Path to Obtaining Fewos

Discover how you can become a part of this extraordinary world:

1. Paint Holder Airdrop

Date: September 26th | Time: 1-3 pm EST

Paint holders, rejoice! You’ll receive a remarkable gift – a free Fewo airdropped directly into your wallets.

2. Paint Holder Flower Exchange & Mint

Date: September 27th | Time: 12-10 pm EST | Cost: FREE

If you hold 10 or more Paint in a single drop, seize the opportunity to redeem additional Fewos during this event. Please note that gas and other fees may apply.

3. Fewo Art Holder Presale

Date: September 28th | Time: 1 pm – 12 am EST | Price: .125 ETH Maximum

Owners of Fewo Art, canvas, or previously released wearables can access the Fewo Art Holder Presale at a discounted price.

4. Public Mint

Date: September 29th | Maximum Price: .4 ETH

The grand moment for the general public! Participate in the Public Mint at various times, including Nifty Gateway Mint, Allowlist Mint, and more. Please be aware of gas and other fees.

The Grand Unveiling

The highly anticipated reveal is set for:

Date: October 2nd | Time: 1-2 pm EST

Harness the Power of Flowers

On October 5th, Fewos will be equipped with their individual ERC-6551 “backpack.” Expect airdropped flowers to act as mint passes, unlocking the world of FewoFashion digital wearables and accessories.

Flower Tiers and Collectibles

Discover the fascinating world of flower tiers:

1. Common – Daisies
2. Rare – Sunflowers
3. Epic – Roses
4. Legendary – Forget Me Nots
5. Elusive – Pixelflowers

The more Paint in your Paint drop, the more high-tier flowers you’ll receive.

Special Rewards for Top Paint Holders

Top Paint Holders are in for a treat:

Diamond Flower Trophies

Each top Paint Holder will receive a Diamond Flower trophy, a precious token redeemable for a future Diamond collector’s edition fashion item.

Customize Your Fewos

Paint Holders with 10 or more Paint in their Paint Drop can exchange some of their flowers for additional Fewos during the Paint Holder Flower Exchange. It’s your choice how many eligible Fewos you’d like to mint!

Access Your Fewo’s Backpack

In November (date TBA), gain access to your Fewo’s Backpack and the Fewo Dressing Room. Customize your Fewos with Fewo Fashion and other exciting FewoWorld items to elevate your profile picture.

About Fewos

Fewos are a random generative supply of 20,000 characters, each with its own unique traits. While base traits remain unchangeable, you can enhance your Fewos with additional wearables and holdable items.

The Minting Process

The minting process unfolds over five days:

1. Snapshot (September 25th, 1 pm ET)
2. Paint Holder Airdrop (September 26th, 1-3 pm ET)
3. Paint Holder Flower Exchange & Mint (September 27th, 12 pm – 10 pm ET)
4. FEWOCiOUS Art Holder Mint (September 28th, 1 pm ET)
5. Public Mint (September 29th, 10 am – 4 pm ET)

Don’t Miss Out!

Prepare for the cosmic explosion of Fewos into the digital universe. Mark your calendars for these important dates and embark on an extraordinary journey into FewoWorld.

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