ENSv2: The Next Generation of ENS

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is set to revolutionize the way we interact with blockchain technology with the introduction of ENSv2. This new iteration promises to bring significant enhancements by extending the ENS protocol to a Layer 2 network, reimagining the architecture from the ground up.

What is ENSv2?

ENSv2 is the next generation of the Ethereum Name Service, designed to improve scalability, reduce transaction costs, and enhance user accessibility. By integrating Layer 2 solutions, ENS aims to alleviate the high gas fees and congestion issues prevalent on the Ethereum mainnet.

Key Features of ENSv2

Layer 2 Interoperability

ENSv2 plans to utilize Layer 2 scaling solutions such as Optimism and Arbitrum to handle off-chain transactions. These solutions will significantly reduce the cost and complexity of registering and managing ENS domains​.

Gasless DNS Integration

A major highlight of ENSv2 is the gasless DNS integration. This feature allows users to import traditional DNS names into ENS without incurring gas fees, making the process more affordable and accessible. This integration will bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, allowing users to manage their domains seamlessly across both environments​.

Enhanced Security and Flexibility

With the implementation of EIP-3668 (Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol) and ENSIP-10 (Wildcard Resolution), ENSv2 will enable secure off-chain data retrieval and flexible domain management. These protocols ensure that resolving ENS domains can be done off-chain, further reducing costs and enhancing the user experience​.

Benefits of Moving to Layer 2

Cost Reduction

Layer 2 solutions offer a significant reduction in transaction costs by offloading computational work from the Ethereum mainnet. This makes registering and managing ENS domains more affordable for a broader user base​.

Improved Scalability

By handling transactions off-chain, Layer 2 solutions can process a higher volume of transactions more efficiently, addressing the scalability issues that currently plague Ethereum​.

Increased Accessibility

ENSv2 aims to make ENS domains more accessible by simplifying the registration process and reducing associated costs. This move is expected to attract a wider range of users, including those who were previously deterred by high gas fees​.

ENSv2 vs. ENS

Traditional ENS

The current ENS system operates entirely on the Ethereum mainnet, which means all transactions incur gas fees. This has led to high costs, especially during times of network congestion.

Enhanced ENSv2

ENSv2, with its Layer 2 integration, promises a more efficient and cost-effective system. By leveraging off-chain transactions, users can enjoy lower fees and faster transaction times. The introduction of gasless DNS integration further enhances the system’s appeal by eliminating on-chain transaction costs for importing DNS names​.


ENSv2 represents a significant leap forward for the Ethereum Name Service, addressing key pain points such as high transaction costs and scalability. By integrating Layer 2 solutions and introducing innovative features like gasless DNS integration, ENSv2 is set to make decentralized domain management more accessible and efficient for users worldwide.

For more details on the ENSv2 launch and its features, visit the ENS DAO Newsletter

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