Elevate Your Audience Management with “Manifold Audiences”

The era of spreadsheet-driven audience management is making way for a more streamlined and efficient solution—say hello to “Manifold Audiences.” This innovative tool is poised to transform the way you handle allowlists, ushering in a new era of precision and ease. Bid farewell to spreadsheets and embrace the power of “Manifold Audiences” to create and manage custom lists of collectors effortlessly.

“Manifold Audiences” emerges as a game-changing solution, offering a superior alternative to the cumbersome process of spreadsheet-based allowlist management.

Say goodbye to the complexities of spreadsheets and hello to an intuitive and powerful platform that empowers you to create rule-based lists of collectors with remarkable ease.

With “Manifold Audiences,” the process of building customized lists of wallet addresses becomes a breeze. This tool enables you to establish rules based on token ownership, crafting lists that precisely target your desired audience. What’s more, these lists can be saved and reused at any time, allowing you to generate new snapshots and allowlists without the need to delve into spreadsheets.

One of the most remarkable features of “Manifold Audiences” is its ability to harmoniously combine rules for ANY contract, spanning multiple networks and even diving down to token-level attributes. The result? Unparalleled flexibility and precision in audience targeting.

Ready for a seamless transition? “Manifold Audiences” is now available within the Claim Page app. As you prepare your claim, navigate to the “Who can claim?” section to unlock the potential of this cutting-edge tool.

“Manifold Audiences” marks a significant leap forward in audience management, eliminating the need for convoluted spreadsheets and revolutionizing the way custom allowlists are crafted. By harnessing the power of rules and automation, this tool empowers creators and managers to fine-tune their audience targeting like never before. As the era of spreadsheet-driven processes fades into the past, “Manifold Audiences” paves the way for a future of streamlined, efficient, and highly effective audience management.

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