Dmitri Cherniak: Ringers #962: The LACMA Iterations



In this artistic journey, Dmitri Cherniak revisits his pioneering series with a silkscreen print that pays homage to the algorithmic parameters of Generative art.

The Ringers Series: A Look Back


Originally released in 2021,

the Ringers series captivated audiences by illustrating the almost infinite ways a string could be wrapped around a set of pegs. This remarkable feat was achieved through an algorithm that allowed a limitless variety of combinations of this concept. Each output, derived from a unique Javascript transaction hash, held a treasure trove of feature variations. These variations included peg count, size, layout, wrap orientation, and colorful flourishes.

The Physical Print Edition: Ringers Reimagined


Realized as a physical print edition,

this new iteration of Ringers takes the form of a 9-piece parameter sweep beautifully laid out in a 3×3 grid. The real magic lies in how the number of pegs sampled has been transformed, ranging from 10% to 100%. Amidst these dynamic compositions, the signature yellow peg remains a consistent presence. Notably, Ringer #962, graciously donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), takes center stage in this ensemble. In a gesture of support for LACMA’s future, proceeds from Dmitri Cherniak’s inaugural Avant Arte edition will be donated to the museum, in addition to the original work.

Silkscreen Mastery and NFT Pairing


The artist’s three signature colors

make a bold statement through seven layers of silkscreen. Each layer is further enhanced by embossment, adding depth to this visual symphony. Here’s where art takes a digital twist: each print is thoughtfully paired with an NFT of the same artwork. Collectors will receive detailed instructions on claiming their digital counterparts after the launch.

Edition Size Unveiled


The exact edition size

of this captivating creation will be unveiled based on the number of prints ordered within the 24-hour release window. When this window closes, the artworks will be brought to life through the printing process and shipped worldwide, free of charge.

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