DeLabs’ NFT Project DeGods Decides to Move y00ts from Polygon to Ethereum

A significant migration is on the horizon! DeLabs’ NFT project, DeGods, is making a bold move by shifting its y00ts collection from Polygon to Ethereum’s mainnet. This decision marks a strategic shift for the project, aiming to consolidate its presence on the Ethereum network.


A Transition of Power
DeLabs’ y00ts NFT profile picture (PFP) project is making its second migration, this time from Polygon. Previously residing on Solana, y00ts had shifted to Polygon’s Ethereum scaling network earlier this year. However, the project is now embarking on a journey back to Ethereum’s mainnet, where it will stand shoulder to shoulder with the illustrious DeGods collection.

A Shoutout to Polygon Labs
DeLabs founder Rohun “Frank” Vora expressed gratitude to Polygon Labs for their partnership and support throughout y00ts’ journey. While acknowledging the incredible partnership, Vora shared, “We believe it makes the most sense for y00ts to be on the same chain as DeGods.” This strategic decision aligns with the project’s vision for the future.

Consolidating the Vision
The move underscores DeLabs’ commitment to aligning its projects under a unified chain. By migrating y00ts to Ethereum’s mainnet, the project aims to leverage the network’s robust ecosystem and community support, creating a more cohesive and impactful NFT experience for users.


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