Deca’s New Offering: Mint on Demand + Posters Revolutionize the Art World 🎨


Art Minting Reimagined

Deca is changing the game for digital artists and NFT enthusiasts with its latest innovation: Mint on Demand + Posters. Get ready for a whole new way to create, sell, and celebrate art.


Mint on Deca: Art When You Want It

Forget the traditional minting process. With Mint on Deca, you can upload all your art without having to choose what to mint upfront. Your artwork only mints when someone places a bid at the price you desire. It’s the ultimate flexibility for artists.

Deca Posters: Celebrating Art & Rewards for All

Deca Posters are digital homages to your art created by other artists. When these posters get collected, everyone involved gets rewarded, including you. It’s a win-win for the art community.

How It Works

Artists, here’s how Mint on Demand works on Deca:

1. Upload your art to Deca and share it with the world.
2. Collectors place bids on your art.
3. You choose the offer that suits you best.
4. The buyer mints the art, and your sale is complete.

The beauty of Mint on Demand is that it will soon be available to everyone, making the art minting process more accessible.

Say Goodbye to Gas Worries

Deca takes care of gas concerns. Your uploads are off-chain, and your art only mints when you find a buyer. Plus, it mints to your own sovereign contract, ensuring you retain control over your work.

Soft Bids for Efficient Transactions

No more worrying about gas requirements. With soft bids, anyone can make an offer, and you decide what happens next:

✅ Accept a bid, and the bidder can mint directly, with you receiving the agreed amount.
❌ Decline a bid, and your art remains unminted until you accept a different offer.

Posters: Where Art Sparks Creativity

When art mints on Deca, it triggers poster creations. These digital works pay homage to the original art and help spread the artistic idea.

Creators can submit custom posters, and artists decide which ones can mint. After a 1/1 art piece sells, everyone can mint posters for a limited time. Poster sales are shared among the artist, 1/1 owner, creator, and Deca.

Get Involved Now

If you’re a creator, it’s your chance to get involved. Share your poster designs for memetrix. Each poster design is part of a time-limited open edition, offering endless creative possibilities. Artists retain control, as they decide which designs can mint.

It’s Just the Beginning

This is only the beginning of Mint on Deca. Soon, everyone will be able to upload 1/1s and posters. Expect more edition sizes and chains to be added to the platform. And for art enthusiasts, stay tuned for more 1/1s and posters dropping on Deca’s feed.


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