CryptoPunks Announce “Super Punk World”

A Revolutionary Collection by Nina Chanel Abney

CryptoPunks, a pioneer in the NFT space, has unveiled an innovative new collection titled “Super Punk World.” This unique series is curated by the project’s first Punk in Residence, acclaimed artist Nina Chanel Abney. The collection, consisting of 500 digital avatars, seamlessly blends the iconic features of CryptoPunks with Abney’s distinctive artistic style, “Super Cool World.”

Fusion of Art and Technology

A New Dimension for Abney’s Artwork

In “Super Punk World,” Abney ventures into a 3D medium, offering collectors an immersive experience into her digital creations. This marks the first time that enthusiasts can engage with her artwork in a digital form, pushing the boundaries of how art is perceived and collected in the digital age.

Exhibition at The School at Jack Shainman Gallery

The collection will be showcased at Abney’s new exhibition, “Lie Doggo,” opening on May 18 at The School at Jack Shainman Gallery in Kinderhook, NY. The exhibition will run through October 5, providing ample opportunity for art and tech enthusiasts to witness this groundbreaking collection. Details about the collection and the upcoming auction will be revealed in due course.

Challenging Societal Norms

Addressing Economic Discrepancies in Digital Art

Abney’s interactive digital art installation delves deep into societal norms surrounding identity. By reinterpreting the original CryptoPunks collection, she confronts the economic disparities inherent in digital avatars, where representations of white males have historically commanded higher prices than those of females or individuals with darker skin tones. Her work features hybrid figures that blur racial and gender lines, prompting a reevaluation of the ‘value’ assigned to these digital personas.

Exploring Themes of Identity and Surveillance

Abney’s installation critically examines themes of surveillance, anonymity, and the performative nature of identity in the digital era. It highlights the tension between visibility and concealment, questioning how societal pressures impact creativity and freedom of expression. This dialogue extends to the broader implications of how digital interactions reflect and perpetuate real-world inequalities and conflicts. Visitors are invited to create their virtual avatars, fostering a critical reflection on identity construction in both digital and physical realms.

Yuga Labs’ Punk in Residence Program

The Inaugural Resident Artist

Yuga Labs launched its Punk in Residence program in February, partnering with creators to bring new works to life on-chain that celebrate and expand the legacy of CryptoPunks. Nina Chanel Abney, the program’s first resident artist, has been entrusted with “dev Punk” #72, which she describes as “easygoing and cool, yet a bit mysterious.”

Serendipitous Selection

The selection of Abney was a fortunate discovery by Yuga Labs during an exhibition at ICA Miami. This serendipitous encounter revealed Abney’s alignment with the disruptive ethos of web3 and the CryptoPunks brand, paving the way for this innovative collaboration.


Looking Ahead: Biannual Residencies

A Platform for Diverse Artists

Yuga Labs plans to make the residency program a biannual event, featuring two artists each year from diverse artistic backgrounds. The initiative aims to provide a platform for artists worldwide, regardless of their experience with web3. Through mentorship and technical support, Yuga Labs ensures that artists can seamlessly bring their visions to the blockchain.

Equitable Profit Sharing

The program also emphasizes fair profit sharing, with the proceeds from art sales being equally divided between the artists and Yuga Labs. This model ensures that creators are directly rewarded for their contributions, fostering a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem for digital art.


“Super Punk World” represents a bold step forward in the intersection of digital art and blockchain technology. By merging the iconic features of CryptoPunks with Nina Chanel Abney’s visionary style, this collection not only pushes artistic boundaries but also prompts critical discussions on identity and value in the digital age. As the first Punk in Residence, Abney sets a high standard for future collaborations, making “Super Punk World” a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in the future of art and technology.

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