CryptoDickButts; From The Beginning To The Gooch Island

CryptoDickbutts, an NFT project born in 2021, has gained significant popularity and recognition within the NFT community. It has its dedicated space in Punk6529’s Open Metaverse, boasts over 1700 unique holders, and has seen a total trading volume of over 7,000 ETH on OpenSea. Despite being a project based on the character “Dick Butt,” which originated in a webcomic by KC Green back in 2006, CryptoDickbutts has managed to carve a niche for itself and become a symbol of Web3.

The success of CryptoDickbutts can be attributed to various factors, but NFTs being a relatively new phenomenon makes predicting its future challenging. Nevertheless, the project’s growth and continued popularity can be linked to its widespread appeal, numerous derivatives, artistic collaborations, and endorsements from notable names in the NFT space.

The original character’s viral nature allowed it to transcend its creator’s control, leading to the creation of the CryptoDickbutts NFT collection as a homage and gift for early holders of CryptoPunks NFTs. The collection’s popularity led to the release of Series 1, Series 2, and an extended Series 3, each consisting of a limited number of NFTs.

Now, the official CryptoDickButts Twitter and discord announced the season 4 of the CDB drops and an extra announcement about sending a gift to the biggest CDB whale (Individual/group) which made a 25% downward for the collection’s floor price.
The gift will be the ownership of the project which means:
>CDB Twitter Account
>Discord Server
>All Collections
>Multisig Treasury Spot
>Other CDB Related Assets
Questions will be answered in Discord

And here are the multipliers for each CDB asset sorted by their season;
S1: 5x
S2: 5x
S3: 2x
S4: 1x

Now, 2 weeks after minting out the CDBS4 collection, official CryptoDickButts Twitter (X) account released a google form for everyone to fill it as individual/team to nominate themeselves to be the new owners of the whole brand. Also the metadata has been completely changed during the past days and became the gooch island passport!! Stay informed about the latest updates and developments in the gaming and blockchain space. Join our community of and blockchain enthusiasts to be part of the exciting journey ahead.

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