Step into the Future of Fashion: Copenhagen Fashion Week Collaborates with Drest in the Metaverse

The cutting-edge world of fashion and technology collides as Copenhagen Fashion Week partners with Drest, a luxurious mobile style game, to introduce an innovative and immersive experience. This collaboration embraces the power of Web3 elements, offering fashion enthusiasts a chance to step into the virtual realm and explore the latest styles in an entirely new way.





Copenhagen Fashion Week, known as the premier fashion event in Scandinavia, is taking a bold step into the metaverse. Teaming up with Drest, a renowned luxury mobile style game, the fashion event is amplifying its reach and engagement by incorporating daily in-game challenges.





Starting from Monday and continuing through Saturday, Aug. 12, attendees and fashion aficionados can dive into the captivating world of Drest to experiment with styling avatars and curate streetwear ensembles. This unique partnership allows participants to not only witness the latest trends but actively engage with them in a dynamic virtual environment.





Drest’s integration of Web3 elements brings a new dimension to the traditional fashion showcase. Through interactive challenges and immersive experiences, fashion enthusiasts can interact with the latest styles and trends, fostering a deeper connection between fashion and technology.





The collaboration between Copenhagen Fashion Week and Drest ushers in a new era of fashion exploration, one that seamlessly merges luxury, innovation, and technology. As attendees and fashion lovers alike step into the metaverse to style avatars and curate streetwear outfits, this partnership represents a significant stride toward the future of fashion experiences.

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