Crypto Weekly Wrap-Up: Bitcoin, Solana, and More

Key Insights

– Solana crypto Saga Chapter 2 Launched, sparking a pre-order frenzy.
– Ukrainian hacker creates a million-server Bitcoin mining ring, making $2 million.
– Texas freeze forces miners to shut down, crippling Bitcoin network by +30%.
– Chainalysis report reveals stablecoins dominate 73% of illegal crypto transactions.
– Franklin Templeton praises Solana, sparking speculation about a potential ETF launch.

The Week in Retrospect

The third week of January brought a whirlwind of events in the crypto space, from exciting launches to unforeseen challenges. Let’s delve into the top five stories that dominated the crypto headlines.

Solana’s New Chapter: Saga Phone Upgrade

Solana Mobile announced the launch of a new mobile phone, building on the success of the Saga phone. Packed with features like a built-in crypto wallet and a dApp store connected to the Solana blockchain, the new phone has already garnered 30,000 preorders within 30 hours of the announcement.

Ukrainian Hacker’s Million-Server Bitcoin Mining Scheme

A 29-year-old Ukrainian hacker orchestrated an illegal Bitcoin mining scheme, leveraging stolen cloud account credentials to create a million-server mining ring. The hacker mined Bitcoin, accumulating $2 million in illicit profits while causing disruptions through DDoS and phishing attacks.

Texas Cold Wave Shuts Down Bitcoin Mining

A wave of cold and ice in Texas disrupted Bitcoin mining operations, causing a significant drop in the global Bitcoin hashrate. The state’s reliance on solar and wind energy proved ineffective, leading to reduced electricity consumption by mining farms and a massive miner sell-off.

Stablecoins Dominate Illegal Crypto Transactions

Contrary to popular belief, Chainalysis reported that stablecoins, not Bitcoin, represented 73% of all illegal crypto transactions in 2023. This shift highlights the preference for stablecoins due to their liquidity and stability among bad actors in the crypto space.

Franklin Templeton’s Interest in Solana

Franklin Templeton, with assets over $1.5 trillion, expressed admiration for Solana’s achievements. While not confirming a Solana ETF, the asset management giant’s interest in the network has sparked speculation about potential developments in the ETF space.

In a week filled with twists and turns, these stories offer a snapshot of the dynamic and evolving crypto landscape. Stay tuned for more updates as the crypto journey unfolds.

Refik Anadol Unveils Large Nature Model at 54th WEF

Breaking Ground in AI Art: Large Nature Model’s Debut

Renowned media artist Refik Anadol, celebrated for his groundbreaking work with artificial intelligence, introduces the world’s first open-source generative AI model dedicated exclusively to nature. The Large Nature Model is a pioneering creation developed for DATALAND, Anadol’s future museum and Web3 platform centered around data visualization and AI arts. Distinguishing itself through a unique training approach relying solely on the inherent intelligence of nature, this model marks a departure from traditional models influenced by human intellect.

Early Glimpse: Living Archive – Nature

The inaugural showcase of experimental outputs from the Large Nature Model, titled “Living Archive: Nature,” will be unveiled at the 54th annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, from January 15 to 19, 2024. This global event serves as a platform for exploring emerging technologies and their impact on global decision-making.

Beyond Art: Advocacy for the Environment

Refik Anadol envisions the Large Nature Model not merely as a repository or creative research initiative but as a tool for insight, education, and advocacy for the shared environment of humanity. By blending art, technology, and nature, Anadol aims to raise awareness about environmental concerns, stimulate inventive solutions, and make the idea of environmental conservation more tangible. The model engages people’s senses to encourage shared responsibility and collective action.

Sensory Experience: Living Archive – Nature Unveiled

Launching at the 2024 World Economic Forum, “Living Archive: Nature” offers a sensory experience with visuals, sound, and scents, emphasizing the intricate connections within ecosystems. Displayed on a 12m x 4m media wall, it showcases the longest 3D generative AI outputs on nature, featuring rainforest simulations. Visitors will witness vibrant nature scenes based on rainforest data, including waterfalls, forests, birds, flowers, and diverse ecosystems. The installation includes custom generative sound and scents, allowing interaction with the raw dataset. A process video wall explains the interdisciplinary AI research behind the project.

Transforming Ecosystem Understanding: The Large Nature Model’s Mission

The Large Nature Model seeks to revolutionize the way individuals use AI to understand Earth’s ecosystems, reshaping society’s connection with the natural world. Built on extensive interdisciplinary research, it taps into open-access data from institutions like the Smithsonian Institution and London’s Natural History Museum. As collaborations deepen and more trusted data sources join the effort, including universities, museums, foundations, and government entities, the model will continue to expand. Refik Anadol Studio is actively exploring 16 unique rainforest locations, utilizing advanced technologies like LiDAR and photogrammetry to collect data and further enrich the model.

In essence, Refik Anadol’s Large Nature Model stands at the intersection of art, technology, and environmental advocacy, providing a novel perspective on our relationship with nature through the lens of generative AI. As the model debuts at the 54th WEF, it sets the stage for a new chapter in the integration of AI and the natural world.

Who Is Grant River Yun

Grant Riven Yun is a multifaceted individual, seamlessly juggling careers in painting, dancing, and medical studies. In this in-depth interview, we delve into the various dimensions of Grant’s life and his remarkable journey.

Artistic Success in Digital and Traditional Spaces

Grant’s journey in the art world is nothing short of extraordinary. From selling digital pieces like “A Quiet Day In The Neighborhood” and “Marble Quarry” on platforms like SuperRare to collaborating with renowned entities like Sotheby’s and Avante Art, Grant has successfully navigated both digital and traditional art domains.

A Balancing Act: Medicine and Art

Beyond his artistic achievements, Grant is a full-time medical student pursuing a career in family medicine. The meticulous balance between the demands of medical school and the pursuit of art showcases Grant’s dedication and passion for both fields.

Breakdancing and Workouts

An accomplished breakdancer, Grant sheds light on his workout routine, emphasizing the importance of cardio for heart health. His commitment to maintaining a routine, even amid the demands of medical school, highlights his disciplined approach to life.

Facing Anxieties and Embracing Vulnerability

Grant’s openness about his struggles with anxiety adds a layer of vulnerability to his personality. He discusses managing anxiety and the importance of self-awareness in controlling emotions, showcasing a candid and relatable side to his character.

Goals and Dreams: Looking Ahead

As Grant reflects on his future, he expresses a desire to understand the deeper meaning of life. His ambitious goal is to contribute significantly to the art world, aspiring to be exhibited alongside legendary artists like Warhol in some of the world’s most prestigious museums.

Wealth Beyond Finances

Grant’s newfound financial success hasn’t changed his down-to-earth lifestyle. He remains humble, continuing to live frugally, and views wealth in terms of a rich, busy life filled with meaningful goals and accomplishments.

Rapid-Fire Insights

In a rapid-fire round, Grant shares snippets of his musical tastes, favorite Chipotle order, and even details about a hungover morning. His responses provide a glimpse into the everyday life of this multifaceted artist and medical student.

Pride in Art: “Midwest”

Grant reflects on the genesis of his artistic style with particular pride in the piece titled “Midwest” on SuperRare. This work holds sentimental value as it marked the beginning of his unique artistic journey.

Grant Riven Yun’s story is one of determination, versatility, and authenticity. As he continues to make strides in both the medical and art worlds, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and individuals navigating diverse career paths.

What is Dookey Dash Unclogged?

Dookey Dash: An NFT Adventure Inspired by Bored Ape


A Whimsical Journey in a Sewer World

Dookey Dash, an action-packed “runner style” adventure inspired by the popular Bored Ape NFTs, invites players into a comical world of cartoon apes adorned in hilarious costumes. Set in a sewer-themed environment, players collect and trade unique digital apes known as Dookeys while navigating challenging levels in this skillful endless runner game. The game’s art style brings the NFT-inspired digital apes to life, creating an engaging experience reminiscent of classic titles like Temple Run and Subway Surfer.

Dookey Dash Gets an Unclogged Reboot

Free-to-Play Access and Token Rewards

Yuga Labs, the creative minds behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, introduces a new free-to-play edition of Dookey Dash titled “Unclogged.” Previously an NFT-gated endless runner game, Dookey Dash is now open to the public, breaking free from its original Sewer Pass NFT requirement. In collaboration with game studio Faraway, Yuga Labs aims to revive the game’s popularity with a broader audience.

Sewer-Themed Endless Running Fun

The original Dookey Dash required players to navigate a 3D sewer tunnel as an ape riding a vehicle underwater, accumulating points while avoiding obstacles. The game garnered attention in February 2023 when pro Fortnite player “Mongraal” won the first version, selling his winning NFT key for an impressive $1.63 million to billionaire Adam Weitsman.

Token Benefits for NFT Holders

While the game is now accessible to everyone, Yuga Labs ensures that Ethereum NFT owners, including Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Kodas, Bored Ape Kennel Club dogs, and HV-MTL Forge NFTs, receive “token benefits.” These benefits, depicted with ApeCoin logos in the trailer, suggest rewards in the form of the Ethereum token associated with Yuga’s Bored Ape ecosystem.

Dookey Dash: Unclogged Features

Multi-Platform Release and Exciting Gameplay Additions

The reinvigorated Dookey Dash: Unclogged is set to launch on iOS, Android, Mac desktop, and Windows desktop platforms, providing a more versatile gaming experience. The game introduces new elements, including various playable character skins, game vehicles, a leaderboard, and purchasable in-game currencies.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Players can anticipate an updated in-game economy with items like “Coins,” “Boosters,” “Energy,” and “Skip-It” passes available for purchase using fiat currency. Additionally, players can earn coins through gameplay. A novel “Sewer Rank” system introduces competitive tiers, allowing players to progress from Amateur to GOAT, each tier offering a different “boost” percentage.

Strategic Boosters and Unique Gameplay

Dookey Dash: Unclogged introduces strategic boosters such as “slow booster,” “magnet booster,” and the intriguing “power shart.” These boosters promise diverse strategies, with the slow booster easing navigation in cramped tunnels, the magnet pulling in desirable items, and the “power shart” likely serving as a peculiar nitro boost through the cartoonish game world.

Aiming for a Cheater-Free Experience

Addressing past issues, Yuga Labs aims to create a fair and enjoyable gaming environment, minimizing the reported incidents of cheating and boosting that affected the original version of Dookey Dash.

In summary, Dookey Dash: Unclogged brings a fresh and accessible version of the NFT-inspired endless runner game to a wider audience. With its quirky themes, strategic boosters, and multi-platform release, the game promises an entertaining and fair gaming experience for players of all backgrounds.

Unveiling the Nakamigos Trading Cards: A Dive into the Cryptocurrency Time Capsule

The Vintage Inspiration (H1)

When Crypto Meets Vintage Baseball Cards

Imagine stumbling upon an old box of Crypto Trading Cards in your attic – worn, weathered, and more than a century old. In our imagination, these cards would echo the style of vintage baseball cards, marked with intriguing phrases like “Crypto Trading Card” or “Authentic Digital Collectible.” A nod to the bygone eras, these cards might suggest that the concepts of “crypto” and “digital” were latent, awaiting minds like Hal Finney to bring them to light.

Players in the Cryptocurrency Origins (H2)

Frogs and the Precursors to Pepe

In this vintage-inspired world, the players on the cards take the form of frogs. These amphibious characters are the precursors to the iconic Pepe the Frog, created by Matt Furie. The collection, spanning from 1880 to 1979, pays homage to the Rare Pepe collection (2016-2018), hinting at the creation Furie would later manifest.

Decoding the Nakamigos Trading Cards (H1)

A Tribute to Cryptocurrency Origins (H2)

Nakamigos & CLOAKS: Friends of Satoshi*

HiFo Labs, the creative force behind the Nakamigos Trading Cards, believes in the pure essence of cryptocurrency and its potential to transform the world. Nakamigos, first referenced in a tweet on October 31, 2022, on the anniversary of the 2008 Bitcoin Whitepaper, are friends of Satoshi Nakamoto. Hal Finney, a less-known figure in the crypto origins, received the first Bitcoin transaction, and his message from 1993, titled “Crypto trading cards,” became the conceptual spark for this unique collection.

Creating the Time-Traveling Cards (H2)

Artificial Intelligence and the Curated Process*

The cards were meticulously crafted using artificial intelligence, with each card individually generated from a human prompt. Approximately 4000 cards were created, and through a careful curation process, the final collection was narrowed down to 837 cards. No API or automation was used, and each card was upscaled to 4k resolution for a lifelike appearance, showcasing both the marvels and limitations of AI in the emerging genre of Post-Photography.

Exploring the Card Types (H2)

From Bitcoin Whitepaper to Baseball Legends

The Nakamigos Trading Cards encompass a variety of types, touching upon significant aspects of cryptocurrency origins. Examples include cards referencing the Bitcoin Whitepaper, the early days of cryptocurrency, famous baseball players, and more. Each card holds a piece of history, connecting the dots between the evolution of crypto concepts and the cultural touchstones of the time.

Unlocking the Rarity and Structure (H1)

Limited Edition and Structure (H2)

From the 1880s to the 1970s

The Nakamigos Trading Cards collection comprises a total of 837 cards, spanning the decades from the 1880s to the 1970s. The breakdown highlights the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, with more cards representing the later decades. Additionally, 1,621 Hal Froggy Bobbleheads, discovered alongside the cards, were minted by Nakamigos and CLOAKS holders on January 17, 2024, providing a rare physical artifact from the 1920s.

In the Hands of the Community (H2)

A Fair Opportunity for Nakamigos and CLOAKS Holders

The unveiling of the cards brought a question of distribution. In a fair and inclusive approach, all cards were made free, and Nakamigos and CLOAKS holders were given the first opportunity to mint, limited to 1 per wallet. With the scarcity of this collection, not every holder could receive a card, but a surprise discovery in the attic revealed an antique Hal Froggy Bobblehead, ensuring that every holder could possess a piece of this historic tribute to cryptocurrency’s roots.

In summary, the Nakamigos Trading Cards emerge as a time capsule, offering a unique glimpse into the origins of cryptocurrency, creatively bridging the past with the present and paying homage to the trailblazers who shaped this revolutionary landscape.

Weekly Hot News

Pudgy Penguins hit 20 ETH ATH as NFT Market bounce back


Yuga Lab announced launching a gaming council with their community


Top Blur farmers move their loans from BAYC to Pudgy Penguins


ThankYouX Artist sells out his Ordinals edition


Trump announced his new trading cards as an Ordinals collection


Flamingo DAO sweeps 17 more Chromie Squiggles


Huge sweeps on CryptoPunks, around 5m swept, floor now standing around 65 ETH


Crypto Undeads 2.5x SOL floor in 2 days, still in the hype


Cool Cats rise 60% after large sweeps happened to them

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