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Welcome back to another edition of Blouny mag, where we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the vibrant realm of digital art. As the digital frontier continues to unfold, we bring you the latest insights, trends, and noteworthy events shaping these dynamic ecosystems.
Time is Rare so let’s explore the intersection of technology and art together!

Weekly Crypto Wrap-Up: Solana’s Surge, Bitcoin’s Resilience, and Cardano’s Partnership


Solana’s Remarkable Rally

Solana’s SOL token has experienced an astonishing surge, witnessing a staggering 1,000% increase since the beginning of the year. Soaring to a 20-month high of nearly $125 on December 25, SOL has outpaced major cryptocurrencies, securing its position as the fourth-largest coin globally. The Solana ecosystem’s vitality has played a pivotal role, with trading volume on the blockchain protocol reaching close to $1 billion in mid-December. Additionally, Solana has excelled in the non-fungible token (NFT) sector, surpassing Ethereum in weekly NFT sales volume.


Bitcoin’s Year-End Momentum

Bitcoin has rebounded impressively from 2022 losses, hitting a yearly high of over $44,000. Predicted to have a robust year-end, historical patterns suggest potential for further growth, positioning Bitcoin for a strong finish in 2023. Notably, BTC’s Q4 performance indicates a promising conclusion to the year, with 2016 and 2020 being the only instances of a better finish.


Cardano’s Global Outreach

Cardano continues its global outreach initiatives, forming a partnership with Brazil’s Petrobras. This collaboration involves conducting blockchain education workshops, extending Cardano’s influence into South America. The initiative aims to educate Petrobras employees about the merits of blockchain and cryptocurrency, providing NFTs and certificates to participants.

As 2023 concludes, the crypto market remains dynamic, with Solana’s outstanding performance, Bitcoin’s resilience, and Cardano’s strategic partnerships shaping the narrative. The anticipation of potential events in 2024, including the Bitcoin halving and regulatory developments, adds further intrigue to the evolving crypto landscape. Stay tuned for more updates in the exciting world of cryptocurrency!

Who is Coldie? Unveiling the Digital Art Maestro


The Enigma of Coldie: NFT Artistry Unveiled

Who is Coldie? This question resonates through the realms of digital art and NFTs, introducing us to an enigmatic artist whose creations reverberate with a progressive vision of art and a unique blend of mixed media.


Coldie’s Artistic Odyssey

Born in California in 1982, Coldie has emerged as a pioneering American artist, gaining accolades for his works in mixed media. His stereoscopic 3D style has graced art exhibitions and crypto events, showcasing his distinct approach to the intersection of technology and art.


The Decentral Eyes and Beyond

Coldie’s NFT journey includes the iconic Decentral Eyes series, featuring portraits of blockchain influencers like Vitalik Buterin, Snoop Dogg, and more. These works delve into the revolution within the digital and blockchain industry, offering a unique perspective on the transformative power of crypto.


A Creative Trailblazer: Key Milestones

– NFT Entry (2017): A trailblazer, Coldie entered the NFT space in 2017, foreseeing the potential that the nascent ecosystem held.
– Royalty Establishment (2019): In 2019, he played a crucial role in establishing the 10% royalty standard for NFT marketplaces.
– Collaboration with Snoop Dogg: Coldie’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg brought his art to a massive audience, garnering attention from millions.


The Evolution: From Design to NFT

Coldie’s creative journey commenced in the ’90s with digital art, evolving through design work at IKEA and LA Weekly. His prowess in design, coupled with a keen sense of public appeal, set the stage for his venture into the world of NFTs.


The Artistic Process

Driven by a passion for stereoscopic 3D illusions, Coldie’s process involves an array of tools, from retro 3D film cameras to digital software like Photoshop and After Effects. His creations, presented as animated GIFs and anaglyph prints, showcase depth as a fundamental element.


Noteworthy NFT Collections

1. Decentral Eyes: A collection featuring influential figures in the blockchain industry.
2. DystoPunk 3D: A collaboration with NFT artist XCOPY, blending fragmented VR punk elements.
3. Proof of Work: Reflecting on the parallels between the 19th-century Gold Rush and the contemporary crypto mining craze.
4. GANdinsky 3D: Fusing generative art with the works of Wassily Kandinsky.

Coldie’s Presence in the NFT World

With over $7 million in digital art sales and collaborations with renowned artists like XCOPY, Coldie has carved a niche as a visionary artist within the NFT ecosystem. His one-of-a-kind creations continue to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Unveiling the $FRAME Airdrop: A Game-Changer in NFTs


Everything You Need to Know about the $FRAME Airdrop

Revolutionizing NFTs: Frame, a cutting-edge layer-2 Ethereum scaling network for NFTs, has initiated a groundbreaking token airdrop. If you’ve traded Ethereum NFTs in the past two years, you’re eligible to claim this transformative airdrop.

How to Claim Your $FRAME Tokens

1. Eligibility Criteria: Any crypto user who has transacted an NFT on Ethereum in the last two years is eligible.
2. Airdrop Size: The amount of $FRAME you receive is determined by factors such as the number of NFT trades made, financial volume, and creator royalties paid during transactions.
3. Claiming Process: NFT traders can claim their $FRAME via an online portal, but the tokens will become functional on January 31, coinciding with the Frame mainnet launch.

The Role of $FRAME Tokens

1. Governance: Initially, $FRAME tokens will be used exclusively for governance within the Frame ecosystem.
2. Creator Fund: These tokens will also control the Frame Creator Fund, enhancing the project’s commitment to creators.
3. Future Tradable Assets: While initially locked, $FRAME tokens will unlock for transfer at an undisclosed date, becoming tradable on secondary markets.

Community Engagement and Future Giveaways

1. Community-Centric Approach: Frame aims to create an ecosystem that prioritizes creators, enforcing creator fees at the network level.
2. Airdrop Kickoff: The recent airdrop is just the beginning; more FRAME giveaways are planned once the project fully launches at the end of next month.
3. Token Distribution: The inclusive token distribution signifies Frame’s commitment to recognizing the diverse contributions of the NFT community.

Frame Network’s Vision: A Holistic Perspective

1. Layer-2 Solution: Operating on Arbitrum Nova, Frame offers tailored NFT transaction capabilities, leveraging Ethereum’s infrastructure.
2. Creator’s Fund: Frame emphasizes the importance of creator royalties and security, aiming to reshape the NFT landscape.
3. Community-Driven Innovation: At its core, Frame Network fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging active engagement for long-term success and innovation within the NFT domain.

Embracing the Potential of $FRAME

The $FRAME token airdrop is not just a giveaway; it’s a tribute to the thriving NFT community. Frame Network’s commitment to inclusivity, efficiency, and a creator-centric future within the NFT landscape marks a significant step forward in the digital asset realm.

Unwrapping the Future: Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks721 Wrapper Revolutionizes NFT Trading

Streamlining CryptoPunks: Yuga Labs’ Innovative Approach

Yuga Labs, the creative minds behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, have introduced a game-changing tool – the CryptoPunks721 wrapper. This advancement in NFT trading, designed to simplify CryptoPunks transactions, signifies Yuga Labs’ commitment to innovation and enhancing the user experience within the NFT space.

Birth of CryptoPunks721: Redefining NFT Landscape

Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks721 wrapper leverages the PunksData smart contract from Larva Labs, introducing a permissionless and efficient process for wrapping and unwrapping CryptoPunks in a single transaction. This not only streamlines the trading process but also reduces gas fees, marking a significant leap forward in digital art trading.

Historical Dilemma: Unveiling the Need to Wrap CryptoPunks

To grasp the impact of CryptoPunks721, we delve into the history of CryptoPunks. Minted in 2017 by Larva Labs, these iconic NFTs predate the adoption of the ERC-721 standard in 2018. The wrapping process became necessary to list CryptoPunks on major marketplaces, involving multiple transactions and substantial gas fees without a user-friendly interface.

CryptoPunks721: A Seamless Solution

Addressing these challenges, CryptoPunks721 condenses multiple transactions into a singular, efficient process, significantly reducing both the number of transactions and total gas fees. The introduction of an official, intuitive interface enhances the overall user experience when interacting with the CryptoPunks collection.

Anticipation Exceeds Expectation: Marketplace Launch Insights

The early release of CryptoPunks721 precedes the awaited Yuga Labs-Magic Eden marketplace launch, originally rumored for this month but now scheduled for early next year. This strategic move not only showcases Yuga Labs’ dedication to innovation but also sets the stage for technological advancements and user-centric features within the upcoming marketplace.

Technical Excellence and Community-Driven Growth

CryptoPunks721, with its user-friendly interface and innovative features like batch wrapping and unwrapping, signifies a substantial leap in NFT technology. The integration of community ideas and feedback emphasizes a collaborative and progressive approach to shaping the future of the NFT space.

NFTs Evolving: Embracing a Future of Accessibility and Efficiency

The development of CryptoPunks721, especially in anticipation of the marketplace launch, highlights a broader trend in the NFT world. It’s not just about technical solutions; it’s about creating a future where NFTs are more accessible, efficient, and community-driven. The CryptoPunks721 wrapper is a pivotal step towards shaping this future.

Ubisoft’s ‘Champions Tactics’ NFTs: A Million-Dollar Rally


Ubisoft’s NFT Triumph

Ubisoft’s Champion Tactics free NFT mint has exceeded expectations, minting out in under 20 minutes and subsequently generating over $2 million on the secondary market.

Defying NFT Skepticism

Despite the prevailing belief that the NFT space is dwindling, Ubisoft’s recent release, Champion Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, proves otherwise. The Warlord NFTs from this release have not only garnered immense popularity but have also raked in millions of dollars in the resale market.

Rapid Free Mint Success

Following a limited presale, Ubisoft offered a free mint of 9,999 Warlord NFTs on December 18, 2023. Claimable at no cost, these NFTs vanished in under 20 minutes, swiftly making their way to the secondary market.

Secondary Market Sales Surge

While initially inexpensive or free during the mint, the Warlord NFTs are now reportedly being sold for up to $600 per token. Within a few hours of being claimed, these NFTs have amassed over $2 million in secondary market sales.

Scarcity Amplifies Value

With only 7% of Warlord NFTs currently listed on secondary marketplaces, the scarcity of available tokens enhances their perceived value. The majority remain with those who acquired them for free, hinting at potential future strategic use.

Anticipation for Future Drops

The success of this release sets the stage for Ubisoft’s next free mint, featuring champion figures. The outstanding performance of the recent drop, marked by high royalties and unsold NFTs, indicates a strong anticipation for future releases.

NFTs in Gaming: A Complex Nexus

While the overall NFT market undergoes shifts, projects like Ubisoft’s showcase the continued potential and success of NFTs, especially when aligned with fan value. The intricate relationship between gaming and NFTs persists, overcoming initial resistance and controversies.

In conclusion, Ubisoft’s NFT venture exemplifies the resilience and success that well-executed projects can achieve in the evolving landscape of NFTs, gaming, and fan engagement.

Hot Weekly News


-NFTs falling after ETH & SOL rising
-SOL DEX volumes beats the combination of ETH & ARB volume
-Court freezes $1bn worth of the 3 Arrow Capital assets
-After the ledger hack in past weeks they announced refunds for hack and removing blind signing
-Collected daily fee for the Bitcoin miners hits ATH
-Coinbasebase hits ATH (YTD) and is high %400 in this year

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