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Welcome back to another edition of Blouny mag, where we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the vibrant realm of digital art. As the digital frontier continues to unfold, we bring you the latest insights, trends, and noteworthy events shaping these dynamic ecosystems.
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Weekly Crypto Market Wrap – December 18, 2023


Unveiling the Bitcoin Discount Note and Market Dynamics


Key Developments and Insights

Bitcoin Discount Note Launch

We kick off the week with the introduction of our latest product, the Bitcoin Discount Note. Tailored for investors with a stable to moderately bullish outlook, this structured offering allows for a long position in Bitcoin at a lower price under specific expiry conditions, exclusively available to wholesale investors.

Global Blockchain Gaming Market Projections

Anticipating remarkable growth, the global blockchain gaming market is expected to reach a staggering $600 billion by 2030. This projection underscores the accelerating integration of blockchain technology in the gaming sector.

Regulatory Landscape

The US SEC rejects Coinbase’s call for crypto regulations, deeming them “unwarranted.” Meanwhile, China outlines plans to leverage blockchain for identity verification, reflecting the government’s commitment to innovative solutions.

Market Highlights and Economic Indicators

Closing the week, BTC and ETH experienced declines of 5.60% and 6.5%, respectively, amid all-time highs in US equities. As the market enters the lower liquidity Christmas period, we anticipate potential gaps within the range during the holiday break.

Equities and Cryptocurrency Correlations

Despite the week’s challenges, the crypto market remains positioned for potential benefits from an upward trend in equities. Speculations rise regarding multiple spot Bitcoin ETF announcements in January, setting the stage for a promising Q1, 2024.

DeFi Security Challenges

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) faced a significant security challenge as a malicious actor exploited a vulnerability in the Ledger hardware wallet’s connector library. This event prompts renewed focus on asset security in the DeFi space, with a call for increased innovations across MPC custodians.

What We Know About the Massive Ledger Hack


Ledger Security Breach Affects DeFi Protocols

In the latest crypto exploit, security firm Ledger, renowned for its crypto hardware wallets, fell victim to a breach impacting popular DeFi protocols. Applications like Zapper, SushiSwap, Phantom, Balancer, and faced compromise due to the Ledger hack. The Paris-based company has swiftly addressed the malicious code, urging users to verify transactions through the “Clear Sign” feature for direct interaction with the official website.


Extent of Damage Unknown in Widespread Attack

The scope of the attack on decentralized apps (dApps) remains unclear, with anecdotal reports on social media suggesting widespread exploitation. Blockchain security firm Blockaid estimates over $150,000 in crypto losses, emphasizing the unique “supply chain attack” on Ledger’s Connect Kit across the DeFi ecosystem.


Lessons Amidst the Challenges

While crypto hacks are unfortunately common, they cast a shadow on the industry’s reputation. Despite the grim situation, such events become opportunities for seasoned crypto professionals to showcase skills and highlight the intrinsic benefits of blockchain. Although the incident has sparked humor and condemnation on social media, it underscores the constant need for vigilance in the open-source, public eye development characteristic of the crypto space.

Cath Simard: Blending Reality and Imagination in NFT Photography


Meet Cath Simard, the Canadian NFT Photographer

Cath Simard, a prominent figure in the NFT community, is a Canadian-born photographer and digital artist renowned for her innovative approach to NFT photography. Discover more about her unique style and journey into the world of NFTs.


The Artistic Journey: Cath Simard’s NFT Photography Process


Crafting Surreal Landscapes

Cath Simard’s photography involves an intricate process of blending reality and imagination. With a focus on surreal, cold, blue mountain nights, she captures landscapes that resonate with collectors and enthusiasts alike. Learn about the meticulous steps she takes to create each unique piece.


Cath Simard’s Impact on the NFT Photography Community


Navigating Challenges and Achieving Milestones

Explore Cath Simard’s iconic achievements in the NFT space, from the viral sensation of her Hawaiian road photo to groundbreaking NFT releases. Dive into her transformative journey from a fashion model to a trailblazing NFT photographer, pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

From Fashion Model to NFT Pioneer


Risk, Transformation, and Artistic Evolution

Uncover the extraordinary story of Cath Simard’s transition from a fashion model to a dirtbag adventurer turned NFT pioneer. Discover her unconventional path, marked by risk, transformation, and a deep passion for capturing the essence of wild places.

Cath Simard: Biography and Beyond


Exploring the Life and Personality

Delve into Cath Simard’s biography and personality, from leading photography workshops in exotic locations to being a Sony Alpha Universe Ambassador. Get to know the artist beyond her lens, her sponsors, and the captivating spirit that defines her work.

Whether you’re a collector, enthusiast, or intrigued by the world of NFT photography, Cath Simard’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of art and the endless possibilities within the NFT space.

Solana Saga Phones: A Bonk Frenzy Sparks Unprecedented Sell-Out


Solana Saga Phones Sold Out Amid Bonk Memecoin Craze

Months of lukewarm sales for the Solana Saga phone took an unexpected turn as a Bonk memecoin airdrop frenzy led to a complete sell-out on the official website. The phones, which were once struggling to find buyers, are now fetching up to $5,000 on eBay, over eight times their original retail price. Recent listings on eBay reveal unopened Solana Saga phones selling for $5,000 and $3,316, with an additional 20 devices commanding over $2,000 each.

Bonk Airdrop Drives Unprecedented Demand

Launched on May 8, each new Solana Saga phone comes bundled with a free 30 million Bonk (BONK) token airdrop. Last week, a surge in Bonk’s value outpaced the phone’s original cost, triggering a rush that resulted in the product being marked as “SOLD OUT” by December 16. Traders eyeing these scalped phones are betting on further appreciation of Bonk, which surged nearly 800% in the last 30 days, gaining popularity among memecoin enthusiasts.

Beyond Bonk: Airdrops and Incentives for Solana Users

Buyers of the sold-out Saga phones might not be solely driven by Bonk’s potential. Solana-based projects, including Solend and Samoyed Coin, have announced airdrops and financial incentives for device users. Solend’s founder confirmed an upcoming airdrop for Saga phone holders, while Samoyed Coin pledged an airdrop with details forthcoming. With ongoing developments like decentralized storage provider GenesysGo allowing users to mine its native Shadow (SHDW) token through the Saga phone, the Solana ecosystem continues to evolve.

Unveiling the $BONK Airdrop: From Meme to Millions


The Rise of BONK: A Viral Solana Meme Coin

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, the BONK meme coin has emerged as a captivating phenomenon. Initially distributed as a Christmas airdrop to the Solana community during a challenging crypto winter, BONK has transcended its quirky origins, transforming into a viral memecoin that has surged over 25,000% within a single year.

A Unique Narrative Unfolds

The BONK saga unfolds like a tech thriller, featuring a Christmas airdrop during a severe crypto winter that subsequently morphed into a Cinderella story, providing early recipients with unprecedented wealth. BONK proudly dubs itself “The Dog Coin of the People,” having skyrocketed from a free airdrop to Solana holders to being listed on major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

More Than Just a Meme

Contrary to the perception of meme coins being mindless endeavors, BONK distinguishes itself by actively shipping products. With over 115 integrations across DeFi, developer tools, and gaming verticals, including a first-person shooter game where users can earn BONK, the project showcases a commitment beyond the meme coin stereotype.

BONK’s Journey: A Rollercoaster of Value

BONK’s journey began in the harsh winter of December 2022, amid a bear market and crypto market turmoil. A dog-themed memecoin inspired by the original BONK memes, it drew attention with its unique narrative. Originally airdropped to Solana network participants, it reached a diverse audience, from DeFi enthusiasts to NFT collectors and developers.

The BONK Team

The core team, consisting of 20 Solana developers and builders, created BONK to inject life into the Solana ecosystem post-FTX challenges. This meme coin not only gained popularity but also carved a distinctive identity beyond its memetic roots.

BONK in DeFi: More Than Just a Meme Coin

Integrated into the SOL DeFi ecosystem, BONK allows holders to engage in various decentralized finance schemes, showcasing its adaptability and functionality within the broader crypto landscape.

How to Claim BONK and the Airdrop Fallout


Claiming BONK: A Word of Caution

The BONK airdrop, distributed to NFT collectors, developers, and early Openbook traders, excluded those solely holding SOL or staking it. The airdrop has concluded, and attempting to claim it now may lead to potential scams and risks.

Guarding Against Scams

In the aftermath of the airdrop, vigilance is crucial. Scammers may attempt to exploit the frenzy surrounding BONK, and users are warned against falling for fraudulent schemes or sharing private keys.

Embracing the Legacy

As BONK continues to make waves, from being listed on major exchanges to inspiring a community around its unique narrative, it has become more than just a meme coin—it’s a symbol of resilience, creativity, and unexpected success in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

What is TDH: A Deep Dive into Punk6529’s Metric Marvel


What is TDH? Decoding the Metrics of Trust

In the labyrinth of NFT collections, the Punk6529 team introduces an innovative metric known as “Total Days Held” or TDH. This metric acts as a prism, reflecting the diverse behaviors and interests within The Memes NFT community. But, what is TDH, and how does it contribute to understanding collector profiles?

TDH in the Memes by 6529

Punk6529 views NFT collections as public databases reflecting shared interests. TDH is a tool that calculates the total number of days an NFT is held in an address, providing insights into collector behavior on-chain. It goes beyond the traditional metrics, offering a nuanced perspective on user engagement and participation.

Metrics Definitions: Unlocking the Insights

To comprehend TDH fully, let’s delve into the various metrics Punk6529 employs:

Cards Collected, Unique Memes, and Meme Sets

Understanding the sheer volume of The Memes NFTs owned by an address, including unique memes and complete sets, paints a vivid picture of collector preferences and commitment.

Purchases, Sales, and Transfers

Metrics like the number of NFTs bought, sold, and transferred indicate the dynamic nature of the collector’s journey within The Memes NFT ecosystem. It distinguishes passive holders from active participants.

TDH (Total Days Held)

The cornerstone of Punk6529’s approach, TDH measures the longevity of NFT holdings. Each NFT-day counts as one, offering a quantifiable metric for gauging the commitment and trust within the community.

Boosters and Categories

The TDH metric undergoes a fascinating enhancement through boosters and categories, adding layers to its significance. Categories like A, B, and C introduce qualitative factors based on the types of NFTs collected, further refining the trust measurement.

Evolution of TDH: Differentiating Trust Levels

The TDH metric has evolved over time, with distinct versions shaping the Punk6529 ecosystem. From TDH 1.0 (January 30, 2023 – July 16, 2023) to the latest TDH 1.1 (July 14, 2023 – present), the boosters, categories, and eligibility criteria have morphed, aligning with the evolving dynamics of The Memes NFT community.

Levels: Synthesizing TDH and Rep

The fusion of TDH and rep (reputation) forms the basis of trust levels within the ecosystem. While rep is not yet live, TDH plays a pivotal role in determining trust levels, creating a comprehensive measure of user engagement and commitment.

As Punk6529 continues to innovate and refine its metrics, TDH stands tall as a beacon, illuminating the intricate tapestry of The Memes NFT community. It’s not just about holding NFTs; it’s about understanding, appreciating, and fostering a community driven by shared interests and trust.

Hot Weekly News


Rainbow Wallet announced their points system for their upcoming airdrop
Tether is going to freeze $435m USDT for FBI, recently they’ve announced that are going to freeze the USDT in wallets from the OFAC sanctioned countries!!
Huge NFT theft at NFTTrader exploited, many BAYC & MAYC were stolen but came back to the owners with 10% of their floor price as hacker’s fee
Mad Lads moved to 4th highest PFP project as the SOL volumes again 2x ETH
Solana developers got $300 $BONK last year which is $500k now

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