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Welcome back to another edition of Blouny mag, where we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the vibrant realm of digital art. As the digital frontier continues to unfold, we bring you the latest insights, trends, and noteworthy events shaping these dynamic ecosystems.
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Weekly Crypto Market Wrap: 4th December 2023


Last week in the crypto market witnessed a flurry of developments, shaping the landscape for investors and enthusiasts. From Bitcoin’s remarkable surge to MicroStrategy’s strategic acquisition and the unfolding altcoin dynamics, here’s a recap of the key events that unfolded in the crypto space during the week of December 4th, 2023.# Weekly Crypto Market Wrap: 4th December 2023

Week in Review

Zerocap and AUDD Integration

– Zerocap forms a strategic partnership with AUDD, bringing the stablecoin into its suite of services.

Bitcoin’s Milestone

– Bitcoin achieves its highest monthly close in nearly two years, adding to the crypto market’s excitement.

BlackRock’s SEC Meeting

– BlackRock engages with the SEC, refining its Bitcoin ETF proposal to appeal to a broader investor base.

Standard Chartered’s e-CNY Services

– Standard Chartered China introduces e-CNY exchange services, enabling customers to mint and redeem via their interconnection platform.

FTX’s Asset Sale Approval

– FTX gains approval to sell an additional $873 million in assets to repay creditors.

Altcoin Tokens Unlocking

– Approximately $750 million worth of locked altcoin tokens set to be released in December.

Legal Woes for Ronaldo

– Cristiano Ronaldo faces legal action for promoting Binance following the exchange’s fines.

Montenegro Court Decision

– Montenegro court approves the extradition of Do Kwon after a 4-month sentence for document forgery.

Altcoins Unlocking

– Numerous altcoins set to unlock by year-end, with dYdX unlocking 30% of its supply (~150 million tokens) on December 1st.

Market Highlights

Bitcoin ETF Anticipation

– Expectations rise for a positive BTC ETF announcement from the SEC between January 5th and 10th, contributing to the current market rally.

Technical Outlook

– Bitcoin surges past the $40,000 mark, with eyes on potential resistance around $48,000 based on early 2022 highs and mid-2021 trendline resistance.

MicroStrategy’s BTC Acquisition

– MicroStrategy acquires an additional 16,130 BTC for $593.3 million, demonstrating strong conviction in Bitcoin as a long-term asset.

Derivatives Market

– Short liquidations could impact BTC’s movement; watching order flow and CME volumes for market cues.

Institutional Adoption

– CME volumes rise amid institutional adoption, signaling the convergence of the crypto and traditional finance realms.

Protocols and Alts

Cosmos Network Fork

– Cosmos contemplates a network fork with a new token, $ATOM1, following the implementation of a 10% inflation cap on $ATOM.

Chainlink Staking Update

– Chainlink updates its staking to v0.2, expanding the pool to 45 million $LINK, with a gradual rollout starting on December 7th.

dYdX Trading Launch

– dYdX begins trading on the dYdX Chain, accompanied by a $20 million incentives program and the unlocking of 84.4% of its circulating supply.

FlamingoDAO: Navigating the NFT Evolution

FlamingoDAO’s Inception (2020)

The NFT Revolution Begins

FlamingoDAO emerges as an NFT-focused DAO, spearheading exploration into the potential of blockchain-based assets. In 2020, the announcement underscores the transformative role of NFTs, extending beyond simple collectibles to include digital art, in-game assets, and tangible digital properties. This revolutionary concept introduces a new era of digital scarcity and verifiable ownership.

The CryptoPunk Saga (2021)

FlamingoDAO’s CryptoPunk Acquisition

In 2021, FlamingoDAO makes headlines with the acquisition of the ultra-rare “Alien” CryptoPunk in a staggering auction. This move, orchestrated within 25 minutes via Discord, positions FlamingoDAO as a major player in the NFT investment landscape. The acquisition, valued at $761,889, reflects FlamingoDAO’s belief in the future dominance of NFTs as a form of digital property.

The Unprecedented Sweep (2023)

FlamingoDAO’s Game-Changing Move

Fast forward to December 2023, and FlamingoDAO creates waves with an unprecedented sweep, acquiring 26 collections in just over an hour. This strategic move, totaling 448 ETH, showcases FlamingoDAO’s dominance and emphasizes the growing significance of NFTs in the digital art realm. The diverse portfolio includes works from renowned artists, signaling a commitment to supporting various artistic expressions within the NFT community.

Strategic Implications and Market Impact (2023)

NFTs Mature: FlamingoDAO’s Influence

FlamingoDAO’s strategic acquisitions in 2023 hold implications for investors, artists, and the overall NFT market. The diverse range of collections signifies a commitment to supporting various artistic expressions. This large-scale purchase by a single entity indicates the growing maturity of the NFT market, potentially influencing trends, pricing, and the perception of digital art as a valuable investment.


FlamingoDAO, established in 2020, has evolved into a pioneer in the NFT investment realm. From its inception, navigating the CryptoPunk saga in 2021, to the unprecedented sweep in 2023, FlamingoDAO continues to shape the landscape of NFTs, solidifying its position as a key player in the ever-evolving digital art space.

Unlocking Blast: Exploring the Ethereum Layer-2 Revolution


Blast: The Ethereum Layer-2 Phenomenon (2023)

Unveiling the Layer-2 Blast

On November 21, 2023, the crypto community witnessed the meteoric rise of Blast, a new Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) blockchain founded by Pacman, the visionary behind NFT marketplace Blur. Bolstered by a $20 million investment from Paradigm and Standard Crypto, Blast initiated its journey with a unique “lockdrop” campaign that garnered a staggering $611 million in deposits within just over a week.

Blast’s Foundation: Yield and Risk-Free Strategies


Shaping the Future with Risk-Free Yield

Blast, conceived by Pacman, introduces a groundbreaking concept by bringing risk-free yield natively to the L2 level. Built on the belief that markets gravitate towards the highest yield, Blast leverages risk-free yield, derived from Ethereum (ETH) staking, to offer users native yield on assets bridged onto the chain. This means that ETH held on Blast automatically compounds based on the ETH staking yield, currently set at 4%.

The Mechanism Behind Blast’s Yield

Bridging Assets and Generating Yield

When users bridge ETH or WETH tokens to Blast, these tokens are staked on the Ethereum mainnet through leading liquid staking protocol Lido Finance. Leveraging Lido’s rebasing mechanism, Blast users receive a 4% yield on deposited ETH. Additionally, stablecoins like USDC, USDT, and DAI are available, and users receive a 5% yield on these assets through tokenized treasury-bill products, starting with MakerDAO. Notably, all deposits are locked until Blast’s mainnet launch in February 2024.

Blast Rewards and Airdrop Campaign (2023)

Innovating with User Incentives

Blast introduces a unique rewards and airdrop model that has stirred both excitement and controversy. Users earn reward points for various actions, including referring friends, which accumulate for a token airdrop in 2024. Controversies, however, surround Blast’s lack of an actual L2 chain, concerns about its campaign resembling a pyramid scheme, and heavy reliance on Lido Finance for ETH staking.

Controversies Surrounding Blast (2023)

Addressing Concerns

Blast has faced criticism for its campaign mechanics, leading to concerns about security and centralization. With funds locked in a multisig contract and a structure that some liken to a pyramid scheme, the crypto community debates Blast’s approach to user incentives and its reliance on specific protocols.

Looking Ahead: Blast’s Future in a Competitive Landscape (2023)

Navigating the Competitive Layer-2 Space

As Blast gains attention and funds within the crypto community, its success raises questions about the layer-2 landscape’s future. With numerous layer-2 mainnet launches from various platforms, including Consensys, Coinbase, BNB Chain, and ZkSync, the competition intensifies. Whether Blast can sustain its momentum and compete in this evolving space will be unveiled when its mainnet launches in February 2024. The crypto world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in Blast’s journey.

Ronaldo Faces $1 Billion Lawsuit Over Binance Ads


Soccer Star’s Alleged Role in Binance Securities Offering

In a significant legal development, soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo is embroiled in a $1 billion class-action lawsuit tied to his collaboration with cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Filed in a Florida court on Nov. 28, the lawsuit accuses Ronaldo of actively participating in the sale of unregistered securities in partnership with Binance. The legal action aims to represent consumers who purchased these securities, alleging that Ronaldo’s promotions encouraged investments in Binance, violating securities laws.

Lead Plaintiff and Allegations

The lead plaintiff, Michael Sizemore, claims to have bought unregistered securities from Binance after exposure to Ronaldo’s alleged misrepresentations. The lawsuit adds to the legal challenges faced by Binance, already under scrutiny by the SEC and settling charges for billions in a separate case.

Celebrating Art Blocks: A Journey into Generative Art

Behind the Scenes with Founder Snowfro on Art Blocks’ Third Anniversary

On the remarkable occasion of Art Blocks’ third anniversary, we delved into the creative mind of Snowfro, the CEO and founder, to unveil the tales that have shaped this innovative generative art platform.

Advice to the Past

In a nostalgic reflection, Snowfro humorously suggests his past self might have considered not launching at all. However, the core advice revolves around taking things one step at a time, avoiding undue fixation on uncontrollable factors, and, most importantly, ensuring the journey is enjoyable.

Early Conversations

The inception of Art Blocks saw its first whispers shared with individuals like Pete Molick, Daniel Calderon Arenas, Matthew Wettergreen, and Mara—Snowfro’s wife. In the nascent days of 2017, the concept of NFTs was met with confusion, eventually evolving into curiosity. A dedicated focus group emerged, providing consistent encouragement to forge ahead.

Pivotal Moments

Reflecting on the past three years, Snowfro identifies pivotal moments. First, the realization that people genuinely cared about the seemingly crazy idea. Second, the understanding that Art Blocks would surpass initial expectations. Lastly, the impactful stories shared by artists and collectors, testifying to the life-changing influence of Art Blocks.

Art Blocks as a Superhero

If Art Blocks were a superhero, Snowfro attributes the power of compassion. Every decision made stems from placing themselves in the shoes of collectors and artists, navigating the unknowns of this evolving medium, and contributing to the elevation of everyone involved.

Memorable Events

Among the plethora of events, Marfa 2021, Marfa 2022, and Marfa 2023 stand out as Snowfro’s top three, showcasing the significance of these gatherings in the Art Blocks journey.

Cinematic Representation

When envisioning Art Blocks as a movie, Snowfro playfully suggests Seth Rogen as his on-screen counterpart, drawing a parallel to the late Chris Farley.

Joyful Aspects of Building

Snowfro reminisces about the enjoyable aspects, including the transformation of sneakerheads and gamers into art appreciators, the pleasure of meeting individuals previously known only as profile pictures, the growth of the team, and the flourishing of artists within this new paradigm of digital art.

Theme Song of the Journey

If the last three years of Art Blocks had a theme song, Snowfro places it somewhere between “Loud Places” by Jamie xx and “Good Riddance” by Green Day, encapsulating the dynamic and transformative nature of this creative venture.

Weekly Hot News


Pudgy Penguins crosses 1m IG followers, hit ATH by passing 10 ETH floor, and up 50% in 7d

XCOPY released new edition at 2ETH mint price that hit 8ETH floor in 1 day

MicroStrategy buys $600m more Bitcoin, now holding 174,530 BTC

Seneca, the BAYC artist, raises $1.2m via selling art

Delta Sauce new collection 9x after mint, from 0.1ETH to 0.9ETH

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