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Crypto Market Weekly Recap

Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster Ride

Last week, Bitcoin’s wild ride saw a 6% gain followed by a 4.5% drop. It struggled to break the 28,500 resistance. The disappointing launch of ETH futures ETFs on Oct 2nd dampened hopes for a Bitcoin spot ETF.


Economic Uncertainty Looms

Concerns over the U.S. economy grew with job openings surging in August. This fueled expectations of further Federal Reserve tightening. Bitcoin dipped to 27,000 on Oct 6th, signaling resilience despite inflation concerns and interest rate hikes.


Macroeconomic Impact on BTC

Bitcoin’s correlation with traditional assets reemerged as macroeconomic factors weighed in. The market acknowledged that shifts in economic expectations still sway BTC’s direction.


Ethereum’s Steady IV Amidst Challenges

Ethereum’s Implied Volatility remained stable despite geopolitical events. Bitcoin’s volatility increased. ETH calls in the $1.7k – $1.8k range saw massive sell-offs, reflecting uncertainty in Ethereum’s performance against Bitcoin.


Token Unlock Events on the Horizon

October brings significant token unlocks, historically viewed as bearish. AXS token’s unlock on the 20th stands out, with a different composition of unlocking groups potentially impacting price dynamics.

This week’s crypto market recap highlights Bitcoin’s price swings, economic concerns, and the enduring influence of macroeconomics. Ethereum’s IV stability, BTC’s increased volatility, and impending token unlocks add layers of complexity to the market’s landscape.


On the meme side we are experiencing harvest weeks and the means crew are running daily spaces featuring the meme maxis and meme lovers on the OM discord to keep the conversation alive on the memes and around.

Also don’t forget to check all the previous drops on the memes, meme lab and rememe collections by Regular Dad on the SeizeTheMemes square on the Deca platform here.

Who is Matt Kane? An Artist’s Journey through Space and Time in NFT Art


From Traditional to Digital Art Pioneer

Matt Kane, a traditional artist turned digital art pioneer, broke boundaries impossible in the physical art world. He’s renowned for his “Gazers” collection, an OG in generative art, and the recent “Anons” collection exploring identity through art.


Transitioning from Canvas to Code

Kane’s journey began with a quest for the right medium. Frustrated by the physical art world’s limitations, he turned to code, realizing its power to manifest his artistic vision beyond the confines of traditional materials.


Embracing NFTs as the Future

Introduced to NFTs in 2017, Kane saw the potential to sell digital work and transform art into databases, transcending traditional art forms. However, he didn’t mint his first NFT until 2019, driven by the evolving blockchain art scene.


Navigating Personal Tragedy to Artistic Success

Kane’s path to digital art stardom was marked by personal tragedy and a profound period of introspection. His art explores themes of time, space, and human existence.


“Gazers” and the Prehistoric Times of NFTs

Kane’s “Gazers” collection, a lunar calendar on the blockchain, symbolizes the early days of NFTs. Inspired by cavemen’s celestial recordings, it celebrates the changing perceptions of time and the love of generative art.


A Glimpse into Eternity

Time has been a constant theme in Kane’s life and art. His creative journey reflects sudden shifts, dramatic transformations, and a relentless exploration of the infinite. Kane’s work delves into the timeless questions of existence.


Matt Kane’s Art: A Journey through Time and Space in the NFT Universe

Matt Kane’s artistic evolution from traditional to digital art, his embrace of NFTs, and his profound exploration of time and space make him a standout figure in the NFT and digital art world. Kane’s work not only reflects his personal journey but also the ever-expanding horizons of the NFT universe. Explore his creations to glimpse eternity through the lens of generative art.

Don’t forget to check his profile on deca here and his official website to explore his world more.

MoMA Postcards: Where Blockchain Meets Creativity


Collaborative NFT Art Project

MoMA’s Postcards project merges blockchain and art. Users and artists create NFT postcards with 15 blank stamps collaboratively. As stamps get blockchain confirmation, they become tokens of ownership.


MoMA Sparks NFT Dialogue

MoMA encourages NFT experimentation through Postcards. Artists initiate the process with a theme, and stamps evolve through artists worldwide. MoMA displays these 15 stamps as a unique NFT postcard.


MoMA’s Web3 Postcards: Art on the Blockchain

Redefining Digital Art

MoMA launches ‘Web3 Postcards,’ minted NFTs designed by 15 artists, making NFTs accessible and inspiring connections in the digital art realm.


In the DecaVerse the latest MVG ended with a well known name for the Deca community, the one and only “DR”. Thsi gallery has so many great aspects that make it a great and obvious MVG by highlighting so many of the slangs and words from the NFT and web3.0 space to create a good and usefull gateway for the new commers to this ecosystem.
We are so happy to see this gallery in the MVG winner from now to eternity.

Moncler and Adidas Unleash AI-Infused NFT Art for Iconic Collab


Luxury Meets Technology in a Unique Collaboration

Fashion titans Moncler and Adidas have joined forces, introducing AI-inspired explorers and NFTs to mark their exclusive partnership.


“The Art of Explorers” Unveils NFT Collectibles

Moncler’s “Art of Explorers” campaign signals its forthcoming collaboration with Adidas Originals, spotlighting AI-generated adventurers and limited edition NFTs.


Artistic Innovation Meets Street Style

Multidisciplinary artists created sculptures embodying the spirit of explorers while models showcased the collection in a blend of fashion and technology.


A Digital Gateway to Exclusive NFTs

The immersive digital experience on Moncler’s website offers a glimpse into the campaign’s vibrant streetscape and unlocks exclusive NFTs for collectors.


The Future of Fashion and Art Converge

Moncler and Adidas merge innovation and style, bridging the gap between mountain exploration and metropolitan fashion in their groundbreaking collection.


A Collaborative Masterpiece

Renowned artists like Gary Card, Ibby Njoya, and Kate Tabor crafted sculptures inspired by the collection, uniting fashion and art seamlessly.


From Mountains to the City Streets

The Moncler x Adidas collection reimagines classic designs with bright colors, iconic nylon, and cutting-edge quilting, perfect for urban adventurers.


Get Ready for the Drop!

Mark your calendars for October 4, 2023, when this extraordinary collection drops on and

About the Brands

Moncler, founded in 1952 in France, combines style and technological research, while adidas Originals continues to shape youth culture since 2001.


Weekly Trend News:


The Versum, Tezos NFT marketplace, shuts down forever.

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Ledger x Sotheby’s collaboration starts in 2024. Top bidders get a costume ledger.


Addidas originals and Moncler revealed their collaboration in AI Fashion.


Yuga Labs announced their restructuring plans, and they cut 12% of employees to focus on long term goals. Still +120 employees.


Stars arena, Friend Tech clone platform on $AVAX, hacked and $2.5m fund are stolen.


Opensea Studios asking for 10% additional fees from primary


Avant arte and Yuga labs are collaborating to transform CryptoPunks


Matt Kane dropped AI prompts as the Rare pass, discussions are still on-going


Starbucks celebrates 20 years of pumpkin spice latte with an open edition

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The Saatchi Gallery Embraces NFT Art with their New Exhibition


Dmitri Cherniak lunched the goos generator as a part of MoMA postcards

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Fake Satoshi account posts on X after 5 years

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