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Crypto Weekly Recap: Unpredictability Reigns

In a turbulent week, the crypto realm navigated a series of seismic shifts. South Korea’s Upbit unearthed a $3.4 billion faux token storm, christened ‘ClaimAPTGift’ coins, underscoring the urgency of beefing up security measures.

JPMorgan’s Chase U.K. stoked debate by banning crypto transactions to counter fraud concerns, while Justin Sun’s HTX tasted vulnerability, losing $8 million in an Ether (ETH) heist. HTX’s swift compensation and the introduction of a SAFU fund bolstered their security front.

Mixin Network, however, grappled with a $200 million breach, prompting a deeper exploration of crypto asset protection.

Binance’s Russian exit signified regulatory hurdles, and MicroStrategy’s relentless Bitcoin buying spree continued, with holdings now at $4.6 billion.

The U.S. SEC’s ETF stance and Chair Gensler’s Wall Street ties stoked regulatory intrigue, leaving Bitcoin’s fate uncertain. Spot BTC ETFs await a verdict.


Szn 4 of the memes by 6529 ended with 3 master pieces and the harvest started until the Oct. 16th which the new szn starts.
Maxis have planned to run daily spaces to talk memes during this period.

Meme Card 149 – Roger Skaer – FAFO With Digital Rights

Meme Card 150 – Efdot – MEME CITY

Meme Card 151 – KILLER ACID – BOOM

As always make sure to take a look at the RegularDad’s Deca gallery for a great look on the memes and rememes in the week.

Hugo Faz: An Artistic Renaissance – From Performance to NFT Pioneer

Versatile Artist Extraordinaire: 

Hugo Faz stands as a multifaceted artistic force, seamlessly transitioning between roles as a queer actor, performance artist, photographer, and filmmaker. His artistry is a testament to a decade-long journey exploring the intricate relationships between the human body and society.

Authorial Performance Acts: 

Faz’s portfolio boasts authorial performance acts that have graced renowned stages and institutions like Mix Brasil, Virada Cultural de São Paulo, SESC, and the São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade. His striking performances include “Runway,” “Sugar Addiction,” “CENSURADXS,” and “Self-sufficiency,” delivering impactful statements on diverse themes.

Lens on Identity and Censorship-Defiance: 

Through his lens, Hugo Faz tackles identity, censorship-defiance, human-machine relationships, and more. His work has garnered international acclaim, featuring in publications like Balaclava.Q, Advocate, and Beautiful Mag.

NFT Vanguard:

Breaking new ground in the NFT world, Faz became the first male nude artist on the blockchain. He’s a Light Artist and a member of Obscura, pioneering the fusion of art and technology. Moreover, he’s the visionary behind Casa NUA, São Paulo’s inaugural NFT Gallery, supporting emerging non-English speaking artists in the NFT space. Hugo Faz is an artist at the forefront of innovation and expression.

you can read more about their works and career at

Exploring diewiththemostlikes: Meat Madness Unleashed

Graphic Content Warning:

Enter the unconventional world of diewiththemostlikes, also known as toadswiback and Mark Wilson, but possibly now Mark Brothko. This narrative contains mature content, featuring vivid imagery, strong language, and a substantial serving of meat-themed references.

Beef Brothkos: A Thriving Art Phenomenon:

The recent Art Blocks Marfa Weekend saw the spectacular debut of “beef brothkos,” a collection meticulously crafted over a year. This 666-piece creation went from a 0.0369 ETH mint price to a staggering 0.875 ETH floor, raising eyebrows and curiosity.

The Art of the Absurd:

diewiththemostlikes paints a surreal picture: “Seeing the absurdity of it all within the coils of a pulverized animal. Most folks perhaps find comfort in the prospect of meat begets meat. The hilarity of assured slaughter.”

Meat Meets Artistry:

Despite the coincidental resemblance to Mark Rothko’s Four Seasons murals, diewiththemostlikes humorously states, “There’s something so incomprehensibly dumb and funny about it.”

The “Fully F*ckable Flea Market:” 

At glitch Marfa, the artist orchestrated a mind-bending “fully f*ckable flea market” where unconventional trades left an indelible mark.

Blurry, Wild, and Proud:

The Marfa weekend was a blurry yet memorable event, marked by surreal encounters and artistic exploration.


Deca in the last week opend 50 more levels for the Decagons and increased the spendable DXP limit up to 50k per day.
Also the winners and wl for the new Decal announced and we are waiting for the curators to announce their nominees for the next MVG competion.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the #FRDxBLOUNY competotion so don’t forget to join the Blouny square at the Deca platform to maximaize the fun.

New Hardware Innovation Revolutionizes Art Provenance

Blockchain Meets physical Art: T.R.A.C.E. Unveiled

In a remarkable collaboration with @lphaCentauriKid, Transient Labs proudly presents a game-changing hardware innovation – T.R.A.C.E. (Tokenized Records for Artwork Certification and Evolution). This cutting-edge technology promises to reshape the landscape of art provenance and security.

A New Era for Provenance

T.R.A.C.E. makes its debut alongside ACK’s masterpiece, “The Muse – Sage Green,” at the prestigious Christies’ auction house. This innovation introduces a profound shift in how we establish and safeguard the origins of art:

Immutably Stores Provenance: Utilizing Story Inscriptions, T.R.A.C.E. captures and securely records an artwork’s lineage on the blockchain.
Tamper-Resistant Security: Cutting-edge chips, ingeniously integrated into physical objects, confer TRACE Digital Certificates of Authenticity. These chips are tamper-resistant and capable of seamless on-chain verification.

Unlocking Possibilities

The impact of T.R.A.C.E. transcends the realm of art, extending its influence to both physical and digital domains. This innovation ushers in a new era of security and historical record-keeping, promising to revolutionize art, collectibles, and beyond. Brace yourselves for the full product release, scheduled for 10/31/2023.

read the official announcement here

Weekly Trend News



SEC reading XBox chats and accusing 4 person for trading secrets


Fewos, the FEWOCiOUS pfp project, mint ended with 18k mints in total


Su Zhu, Three Arrows Capital founder is arrested in Singapore


Meta’s new AI assistant trained on public Facebook and Instagram posts


OpenAI looking for a $1b fund raising to develope smartphone.


Grant Yun’s piece, The Last Supper, Sold for $95,250,000 at Sotheby’s auction.


Gary Vee announced VEECON 2024, L.A. Aug. 9-11, 2024.


Pudgy penguins big announcement; Pudgy toys going to 2,000 Walmart store


ChatGPT can now see, hear & speak.

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