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It’s so great to see here fam

Time is rare,so LET’S FUCKING GO!

Let’s take a review on the global crypto market:

This week market closed with green colors on charts after 4 straight weeks of downward moves.

Let’s take a look at our 4 favorite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap grew +1.80% (-$18.261B) and closed at $1.035T

BTC/USDT moved from $25372 to $26527 (+2.65%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1616 to $1623 (+0.40%)

TVL in DeFi grew +1.41% ($562.766M) and closed at $40.345B


In the memes ecosystem, we had 3 amazing drops from 3 amazing artists which one one of them was the one and only teexels, the great person whos effort has made the minting easy for everyone, always, he is the one behind all the 6529 Alowlists/Waitlists protocols and set-ups and we saw the community appreciated his hardworks by minting all of his meme card’s editions in 45 seconds. Don’t forget that we are experiencing an All Time Low in NFT space and so many people are disappointed from the low sales, but as you can see if the community accept your added value to the space l, they will never stop supporting you and your visions, this needs consistency in doing the great work.

Meme Card #143- Hannes Hummel – Diamond hand 

Meme Card #144- Filip Hodas – Fortress

Meme Card #145- teexels – Inevitable Arrival 

Also don’t forget to check all the memes and rememes from this week in RegularDad’s Deca gallery.


This week 6529 wrote a short thread on how to scure you wallets and digital assets and introduced it as TAP; Three Addresses Protocol.
Here’s a brief on that:

TAP in Brief

The Three Addresses Protocol (TAP) is a straightforward yet effective method for protecting your valuable NFT assets from phishing scams and unauthorized access. By dividing your NFT holdings into three distinct Ethereum addresses, each with a specific purpose, you can enhance your security in the NFT space.

The Three TAP Addresses

1. Vault: This cold storage/hardware wallet is for your most valuable NFTs. Never connect it to external services, and only transfer assets in and out of this address.

2. Transaction: Think of this warm address as your active hub for NFTs on the market. Use it exclusively for buying or selling on reputable exchanges, then promptly transfer assets elsewhere.

3. Minting: This hot address is solely for creating new NFTs. Keep it empty of your NFTs, and after minting, quickly move your new creations to a secure address.

Why TAP Matters

TAP shields you from phishing attacks and the temptation of risky links on social media. It works with any wallet setup, making it accessible to all NFT enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned collectors.

Hardware Wallets and TAP

Even with hardware wallets protecting against computer malware, TAP complements their security by emphasizing address separation and secure practices.

You can read our full post to find out everything about TAP from here.

Notable Face:

Vincent Van Dough: Pioneering NFT Enthusiast

Vincent Van Dough, known as VVD, is a remarkable figure in the NFT space. With years of NFT journey, VVD’s investments and projects have left a significant mark.
VVD’s choice of pseudonym pays tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, indicating his commitment to preserving art traditions in the crypto world.

VVD initiated projects like Starry Night Capital, AOTM Gallery, Notable Pepes, and TungstenDAO, leaving a lasting impact.

Starry Night Capital aimed to raise $100 million to invest in coveted collections, support emerging artists, and establish a physical gallery.

AOTM Gallery showcases the work of renowned digital artists, promoting and managing NFT legacies.

Notable Pepes which celebrated the famous Pepe the Frog meme, with Pepe Checks raising over $1.6 million in 24 hours. The Notable Pepes projects was prompted by CounterParty and the Fake Rares to create a new collection with the focus on pepe at the center but on the Ethereum blockchain.

TungstenDAO, dedicated to iconic NFT assets, gained fame for acquiring a massive tungsten cube and minting meme NFTs featuring it.

Enduring Legacy: His NFT collection includes significant pieces like Fidenza, Pudgy Penguin, and more, reflecting his appreciation for digital art’s cultural significance.

Vincent Van Dough’s presence in the NFT world stands as a testament to his lasting influence and contributions to the crypto art landscape. Explore his journey and impactful projects from here.

Unlocking Innovation: Yakob’s Fragments of Desire Collection

Meet Yakob elmoussa, a versatile artist whose creations find their home on the Ethereum blockchain. He’s not your typical artist; Yakob is a photographer, cinematographer, and digital creator rolled into one.

His art is a captivating fusion of two digital realms – photography and glitch art. Yakob’s work defies convention, offering a unique and mesmerizing experience for art enthusiasts.

The spotlight, however, falls on his groundbreaking project, “Fragments of Desire.” Imagine taking a single photograph and shattering it into 100 distinct creations. But there’s a twist – five of these fragments conceal hidden pixels, revealing the full masterpiece when combined.

Yakob’s journey began with a simple goal: to create something truly unique. Among countless ideas, one concept stood out – dividing an image logically and effectively. The solution was elegant in its simplicity – pixels!

His recent artworks have celebrated the magnified beauty of pixels, laying the foundation for “Fragments of Desire.” With meticulous care, Yakob transformed a single photograph into a collection of animated, scaled pixels, each fragmented into one hundred pieces.

Explore Yakob’s world, where innovation thrives, pixels mesmerize, and art knows no bounds at his artist profile here.

This week in DecaVerse

Deca announced the Winners/Wl for the new Decal by the Andy Shaw. In the following week, we expect them to announce the MVG nominees by the Decurators Council.
Also don’t forget to prepare your version of Decal in the #FRDxBLOUNY competition to maximize the fun in the bear market together.
Go to the original announcement about the prizes and terms of the competition via here and don’t forget to join the Blouny Square on Deca via here. LFG!!

Weekly Trend News:


• Bitcoin metaverse coin coming from Animoca brand

• Friend Tech prices -30-40% after point drop and Steve Aoki joining.

• Mark Cuban drained and lost $870k

• Nouns fork happens, $27m of treasury leaves, around $25m stays

• Pudgy Penguins flips DeGods & Azuki, holders look happy to own their Pudgys

• New ‘Killer Whales’ crypto TV show coming soon

• Nakamigos down 40% after first announcement then 30% up after the update.

• CoinEX exchange hacked for about $30m

• Milady Dev steals $1m from team


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