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let’s take a review on the global crypto market:


This week market BTC weekly candle opened and closed about the same price but because of the grayscale won the lawsuit against the SEC, it pumped for a day saw the 28k price but came back again, which made big shadows on the charts.

now let’s take a look at our 4 favorite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell 0.82% (-$8.494B) and closed at $1.025T

BTC/USDT moved from $26101 to $25971 (-0.50%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1657 to $1635 (-1.33%)

But the TVL in DeFi fell 1.51% (-$614.457M) and closed at $40.17B


In the memes ecosystemwe, we just passed the week by the routine of 3 amazing artworks and a new element in the meme labs which you can see them all at the RegularDad’s Deca gallery here.

Meme Card #137- synccreationn – Ascendant

Meme Card #138- Eleni is bored again – We Will Survive

Meme Card #139- Jan Sladecko – Wen Moon

Notable Face: XCOPY

XCOPY: The Enigmatic Digital Artist Shaping the NFT World

XCOPY stands as one of the most enigmatic and influential digital artists in the world of Web3. While little is known about the artist’s personal life, his art has made waves across the NFT space, commanding seven-figure sales. Here, we’ll dive into the story of XCOPY, from his beginnings to his remarkable NFT creations.

A Journey from GIFs to Crypto Art
XCOPY’s artistic journey began in 2010 when he started sharing GIFs and experimental art on his Tumblr blog. These early works bear a striking resemblance to his present-day creations, marked by intricate patterns and a touch of darkness. However, his transition into the world of crypto art didn’t happen until he discovered and its use of Bitcoin to create digital editions. This led him to start selling his digital art through Twitter and eventually beta test what would become SuperRare in early 2018. (SuperRare was just a dApp at that time)

XCOPY’s artistic evolution catapulted him into the upper echelons of NFT artists, where his work continues to be highly sought after. Additionally, XCOPY made a significant move by applying CC0 licensing to his non-collaborative works in 2022, allowing anyone in the public domain to use his art freely. This decision marked a notable moment in the ongoing discussions about NFT licensing. Now everyone knows XCOPY’s artworks by their trademarks which is disturbing images of dark humanoid characters displaying signs of torment and suffering with a dark taste of humor and mostly on an environment in the digital age, even in an interview with, XCOPY said, “I like contrasting everyday problems with death, it takes away their power for a moment. Dystopia creeps in further every day, it’s hard not to talk about it.”

Notable Artworks and Impactful Sales
XCOPY’s impact on the NFT world is substantial, with over 9,500 pieces of art sold on-chain and a collection valued at more than $61 million. Let’s explore some of his most iconic works and their remarkable price journeys:

1. “A Coin for the Ferryman”: Minted in 2018, this piece initially sold for a humble 0.5 ETH (approximately $137). However, in November 2021, it fetched a staggering 1,300 ETH, equivalent to $6 million.

2. “Death Dip”: This piece, minted just minutes after “A Coin for the Ferryman,” broke records by becoming the first XCOPY artwork to sell for over 1,000 ETH. It was originally sold for $400 and later resold for $1.7 million in 2021.

3. “All Time High in the City”: Minted on the same day as the previous two pieces, it initially sold for 0.5 ETH. In early 2022, it resold for 1,600 ETH, amounting to $6.1 million.

4. “Right-click and Save As guy”: A playful take on NFT ownership, this piece sold for $90 in 2018 but was later resold for a whopping $7 million or 1,700 ETH.

5. “Summer.jpg”: Created during the NFT craze of 2021, this piece sold for 336.529 ETH (over $830,000) and features the iconic “WAGMI” inscription on a champagne bottle.

6. “Grifters”: XCOPY ventured into non-1:1 NFTs with the “Grifters” collection on AsyncArt. This collection of 666 NFTs has seen significant value growth.

7. “MAX PAIN AND FRENS”: In 2022, XCOPY released an open edition on Nifty Gateway, allowing anyone to mint these NFTs for 1 ETH. It quickly gained popularity, with nearly 7,500 NFTs minted.

Patrick Amadon Unveils “404 Art Catalog”

Artists Support Artists!!

Patrick Amadon, the visionary glitch artist, has unveiled the “404 September 2023 Art Catalog,” a monthly art exhibition designed to celebrate the latest in digital art. This decentralized chain and platform-agnostic initiative aims to promote artists and their works. Hosted on, it’s a testament to Amadon’s commitment to providing a level playing field for artists irrespective of their social media presence.

Glitch art, Amadon’s signature style, thrives on curated digital distortions. Unlike typical glitches that correct themselves, glitch art embraces these distortions, creating a unique and futuristic visual style.

Amadon garnered attention earlier this year when he withdrew his art from Sotheby’s “Glitch-ism” collection. He challenged the lack of representation for female-identifying artists, underscoring their pivotal role in the glitch art movement’s growth.

The glitch artist’s impact extends beyond the art world; his digital billboard piece “No Rioters” was removed by Hong Kong authorities. Concealing a hidden political message, it highlighted the plight of jailed activists.

As the submission process for “404 2023 Art Catalog” concludes, Amadon envisions an inclusive and accessible art movement. He aims to avoid the pitfalls of consolidation, ensuring this artistic revolution makes a lasting mark on history.

Notable Project: LOTM

Exploring Legends of The Mara: Unleashing the Power of Otherdeed Expanded NFTs

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain gaming, Legends of The Mara (LoTM) stands as a beacon of innovation, marrying the allure of Otherdeed Expanded NFTs with captivating gameplay. This blog series, in partnership with the LoTM development team, serves as your gateway to the latest updates, leading up to the official LoTM Litepaper launch.

April 18th, 2023: The Genesis of Vessel Nesting

In the mystical realm of LoTM, the Otherdeed Expanded NFT isn’t just a collectible; it’s the very canvas upon which the 2D web-based game unfolds. To embark on your Mara adventure, you’ll need at least one Otherdeed Expanded NFT and one of the following: Koda, Kodamara, Mara (Hunter or Farmer), or Vessel. However, the Vessels, especially those with the elusive Enchanter trait and Enchanter Mara, harbor arcane powers yet to be unveiled.

Notably, only one Vessel can nest upon any given Otherdeed Expanded at a time, making your choice of initial Vessel(s) a strategic decision. The intricacies of this nesting process will be unveiled in the forthcoming LoTM Litepaper.

This blog post heralds the commencement of our ongoing series. Frequent visits will keep you abreast of the latest insights into LOTM’s mechanics, thanks to the game’s development team.

The Art of Choice in Legends of the Mara

Legends of The Mara’s essence lies in the decisions made by its players. Embracing diverse playstyles, each with its strategic advantages, the choices made by Voyagers will shape their personal journey and significantly impact the broader gaming landscape.

Otherdeed Traits: The Key to Strategic Gameplay

The heart of LoTM revolves around the Otherdeed Expanded, acting as the portal to immersive gameplay. The traits woven into each Otherdeed profoundly influence your gaming strategy. For example, an Otherdeed’s environment tier dictates the scope of available Shattered rewards. Tier 1 Otherdeeds, for instance, compete exclusively within their tier for a specific pool of Shattered treasures.

As seasons progress, introducing artifacts and resources, the true significance of each Otherdeed’s traits will be unveiled. Thus, fine-tuning your strategies becomes imperative in an ever-evolving metaverse, where fellow Voyagers’ decisions continually redefine the landscape. Your choice of Otherdeed is your most valuable asset in this competitive arena.

The Road Ahead in Legends of The Mara

With the open beta for LoTM poised for launch next month, excitement is palpable. Collaborating with farawaygg and crafting a significant Unity expansion, the LoTM team eagerly offers an early version to the community for testing and feedback. This marks a pivotal moment for all Voyagers as they prepare to unearth the hidden potential of their Otherdeeds and pave the way for future LotM expansions.

What’s up Deca?

It was kind of a busy week in Deaverse;
The the first MVG by the new decurators council started and ended up in the glory of generative art by zancan. The gallery was made by kylo and was nominated by xo.
Also the first Decal of the szn 3 dropped by the great photographer ella.
Make sure to visit her profile artist to know more of this talented artist and enjoy the beauty!!
Also in the latest hours of the week they announced their new update on the platform which includes:
– Sort your uploads into custom collections
– See which address you have connected, including the available balance
– Support for WalletConnect v2

Weekly Trend News:

• Nakamigos deploy Nakamigos-CLOAKS collection

• $BLUR marketplace token hits new all-time lows

• Memeland $MEME tokenomics releasedand they aim for $15m $MEME sale, $69m val

• $BTC miners have sold $100m in 7 days

• MAYC mega-mutant sells for 500ETH

• Refik Anadol art debuts at Las Vegas Sphere

• Yuga Labs hints at new Twelvefold Ordinals edition

• Sam Spratt’s Monument Game winners chosen

• Lufthansa launches NFT loyalty program on Polygon

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