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let’s take a review on the global crypto market:

This week market didn’t mive that much from where it closed last week but anyway the final color of the weekly candle remained red.

now let’s take a look at our 4 favorite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell 0.62% (-$6.414B) and closed at $1.034T

BTC/USDT moved from $26190 to $26101 (-0.34%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1685 to $1657 (-1.64%)

But the TVL in DeFi fell 0.88% (-$361.646M) and closed at $40.484B

In the memes ecosystemwe had a normal week with 3 great pieces from 3 great artists.

Meme Card #134- MiraRuido – Virtual Visions of Freedom 
Meme Card #135- Rust – Summer Garden -Meme Card #136- POSTWOOK – Abduction of Satoshi, 2023 – 

make sure to take a look at the RegularDad’s Deca gallery to have a full view on all the minted memes & rememes.

Notable Face:

Capturing the Essence of Nature: The Extraordinary Journey of Photographer Rakesh Pulapa

In a world driven by technology, there are those who find inspiration in the raw beauty of nature. Rakesh Pulapa, a computer science engineer by education, defied convention to pursue a deeper connection with the world around him. His journey from hobbyist to professional travel and aerial photographer has been nothing short of remarkable.

Rakesh’s transformation began with a simple passion for travel and a fascination with the wonders of Mother Nature. What began as a hobby soon evolved into a profession, driven by an unwavering desire to showcase the inherent beauty of the natural world.

Exploring the Unexplored: A Mission of Discovery
Embracing a mission to explore the uncharted, Rakesh embarked on a unique journey. He realized that the unexplored treasures often lie closer to home than we realize. His voyage of discovery began in the surroundings of his hometown, where he uncovered the hidden gems that had been waiting to be appreciated. This revelation forever changed his perspective, showing that the extraordinary can be found even in the familiar.

Over the course of 9 years, Rakesh’s unwavering vision led him to traverse diverse landscapes across Asia and Europe. His commitment to his craft remains steadfast, and his journey is far from over.

A Trailblazer in Photography
Based in India, Rakesh Pulapa’s talent has earned him over 50 prestigious National and International Awards. Notably, he has been honored with the HIPA award and the Natural History Museum award. His artistic prowess has been celebrated in esteemed galleries worldwide, and his work has been showcased in prominent media outlets like CNN, BBC, FORBES, and TIMES.

Rakesh’s impact extends beyond the realm of photography. His collaboration with renowned brands such as Samsung, LG, VIVO, and Johnnie Walker showcases the fusion of artistic vision and commercial appeal.

Nature’s Generative Art: A Captivating Collection
Among Rakesh’s captivating works, the “Nature’s Generative Art” collection stands out. Captured by drone over Iceland, these images unveil intricate patterns shaped by the passage of wind and water over time. Each photograph is a testament to the inherent artistry of nature, evoking the mesmerizing mechanism of generative art.

A Versatile Artist and Innovator
Rakesh Pulapa’s artistic journey encompasses various realms. He is recognized for his involvement in the memes movement, particularly with the “meme card 12-OmSeized.” This piece, an ingenious spinoff of his 2018 “Fisherman” series, showcases his innovative spirit and ability to embrace diverse forms of creativity. Check this thread for more info about OMSeized 

A Cherished Artist and Humanitarian
Beyond his artistic achievements, Rakesh Pulapa’s warm character and brilliant creations have garnered him immense admiration. He has not only left an indelible mark on the NFT space but has also enriched the broader world of art with his distinctive perspective.

Rakesh Pulapa’s journey reminds us of the boundless beauty that nature offers and the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion. His story is an inspiring testament to the potential for creativity to bridge gaps, evoke emotions, and connect humanity with the world around us.


In the decaverse, like the memes we had a normal week with no special event so we decided to showcase you an amazing level 100 decagon and remind you to follow and subscribe your favorite artists at deca to find out when they have any new events/drops.
Here’s the Blouny’s sq on the Deca platform. Don’t forget to join and share your favorite artworks or gallerys in there;

Heart + Craft:

“Heart + Craft”: The Fusion of Generative Art and Personal Expression

Erick “snowfro” Calderon, the visionary founder of Art Blocks, is once again breaking new ground with “Heart + Craft,” a remarkable project that marries digital art with tangible creation. A decade ago, Calderon’s passion led him to craft 3D-printed cubes into hearts, placed in public spaces—a precursor to the generative art we know today.

Collaborating with Prohibition founder Jordan Lyall, “Heart + Craft” is set to launch on August 24 through the Prohibition NFT art platform, built on the Art Blocks Engine tech suite. Each NFT within the collection portrays a blocky heart with vibrant coloring, generated at minting via a blockchain algorithm. These NFTs, priced at 0.01 ETH (about $18), will be minted on Arbitrum, an Ethereum scaling network renowned for its cost-efficiency.

Taking cues from Calderon’s earlier project, “Chromie Squiggle,” “Heart + Craft” encapsulates vibrant gradients and personal artistic expression. Each NFT is accompanied by instructions for 3D-printing, painting, and assembling the heart, allowing collectors to bring their digital art to life. The process’s complexity varies, offering a hands-on connection to art creation.

Moreover, Calderon’s pursuit of inclusivity and engagement sets “Heart + Craft” apart. Owners can opt for pre-assembled block sets, limited editions crafted by hand and signed by Calderon, or even retail kits available at stores like Target. This unique approach emphasizes engagement over FOMO, reflecting Calderon’s intent to showcase the value of digital art beyond rarity.

“Heart + Craft” is a testament to Calderon’s dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and bridging the digital and physical art worlds. By inviting collectors to engage with art beyond the screen, Calderon’s project offers a fresh perspective on the intersection of creativity and technology.

The Monument Game:

“The Monument Game: A Glimpse into Art’s Evolution”

“The Monument Game” emerged as a groundbreaking event, redefining the realm of digital art. The inaugural night was nothing short of spectacular, boasting astonishing bids, rapid sellouts, and an enchanting display of creativity.

This event showcased a significant 1/1 piece, as the heart of the game which sold for 420 ETH at the end of the auction accompanied by bids from renowned names like Deekay, Artifaction, and CyborgNomad. The rush was real, as 209 public tickets priced at 3.33 ETH, vanished in a mere 123 seconds, amounting to an impressive $1.2 million.
The editions entitled “Player”, were the ticket for players to join the game. Players had to choose a specific point on the 1/1 to make a creative experience about it. Now the game has ended and the Councol of Luci are voting on the players to choose top 3 winners of the 3 remaining Skulls of Luci pieces.

True to its essence, this initiative celebrated artistic inclusivity. A remarkable 237 unique holders out of 256 editions solidified a dynamic collector community. Amidst over 6,600 thwarted bot requests, genuine engagement prevailed, affirming a level playing field.

“The Monument Game” holds more than monetary value. With an impressive 1116.66 ETH, it redefines artistic appreciation. An admirable 1/5 of the supply was allocated to artists, fostering a vibrant collective rooted in respect, choice, and creative expression.

As the event transcends its initial night, the future is promising. Eyes are set on the auction’s culmination on the 24th, with secondary market updates on the horizon. The legacy of “The Monument Game” lives on, guided by the hands of kukubalanze at 1OF1__art. An exciting journey awaits Luci, The Skulls, and the Players, illuminating a path where art knows no bounds.

Weekly Trend News:

-Skull of Luci “Dreams of Dalol” sold for 90 ETH ($148k) this marks an ETH ATH for the Collection


-CoolCats airdropped “Cool Cattern” to 99 holders who minted & had a Cat up until the moment they rebranded in ´23.


-Pudgy penguins Introduced Igloo, a clothing brand by Pudgy Penguins.


-$Pepe team released statement claiming 3 ex-team members stole the 16 Trillion PEPE.

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