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let’s take a review on the global crypto market:

This week, we had the all time high in hell. The whole market made a downward move and took the charts all in red.

now let’s take a look at our 4 favorite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell 8.3% (-$94.188B) and closed at $1.04T

BTC/USDT moved from $29303 to $26189 (-10.63%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1839 to $1685 (-8.37%)

But the TVL in DeFi fell 6.95% (-$3.075B) and closed at $41.146B

If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

After the updates that we shared in the last week magazine, This week new updates announcedin the so now rememes can request to run their minting pages via the platform. Here’s all of it:
1-ReMemes Submission!
– Users and Creators can now add their ReMemes
– New ‘added by’ field for uploaded ReMemes
– New ‘Sort’ dropdown in ReMemes Page which allows sorting by recently added or random
2-Added Minting Page link in Distribution Page.

Meme Card #131- David Fairs – Max Pain Survival Stage
Meme Card #132- Hugo Korhonen– ALL THE TIME IN HELL
Meme Card #133- mpkoz – (gm+gn)^3 –

Notable Project:

From the depth of the internet, a character born to remind everyone of themeselves, to turn the important messages into the memes to spread them all over the world; pepe by Matt Furie.

Now, years after that, pepe the frog has conquered the whole internet, and so many big characters like Trump have posted it. In the middle of the digital Renaissance, when the crypto and NFTs are introducing the blockchain to people to create a decentralized structure for their future, the institutions are here to stop us by taking our right to have the freedom to transact, why? It is dead simple, because “Without the freedom to transact, we will lose all other freedoms in time.”

In the world of memes, when 6529 dropped their 37th card, a new member of the pepe family was born; Sgt. Pepe by the generative artist Arsonic to send the message “Freedom to transact.” CC0 and permissionless to spread it as far as it is possible.
The card itself has described the Sgt. Pepe mission so clear: “Sgt. Pepe is the sign of every one of us on the internet, fighting for the freedom to transact to defeat the institutions.”

Since then, Arsonic started creating more and more pieces about the Sgt. Pepe to shape its world and make it more and more understandable for everyone.
Now, recently they have announced their first physical product from this character to send the message out of the internet area. Sgt. Pepe cold brew coffee shows us this new frog is planing to become one of the biggest decentralized brands in the world.

Notable Face:

Bonafidehan, a ollector, an angel investor, and now the founder of one of the best platforms for artists; Deca.
Bona is a generative art maximalist that we can see it by going through his wallet to meet one of the biggest fidezas whales in existence and he was one the people who highlighted fidenzas in the world of art by purchasing the Tulip for 1,000 ETH estimated at $3.3M in that time.
A core member of the 6529 investment VC which has always supported the cc0 and even highlighted it by puting the Deca’s logo (Decal) into the cc0 license and has made it a sign for the permissionless creativity.
Now Deca is representing his ideas via decentralized mechanisms, introducing the great results of a permissionless system and the beauty of generative art in the age of digital.


Deca this week introduced the 4th council of the decurators which you can find them all here. Also at the end of the week they announced their partnership with the 3D platform, Oncyber which can be a game changer move through this bear to connect these 2 pioneers of digital art together. Stay tuned for more.

Weekly Trending:

Opensea’s recent announcement on August 17, 2023, unveiled a strategic shift in their approach to creator fees and secondary sales, eliciting a mixed response from the community. The initial Operator Filter, intended to enforce creator fees on secondary sales, encountered challenges due to a lack of ecosystem-wide opt-in. Starting August 31, Opensea will replace the Operator Filter with optional creator fees for new collection secondary sales, while enhancing visibility into fee settings. However, this move has garnered discontent, particularly from artists and creators who perceive the change as an unfair shift in dynamics within the web3 ecosystem.

Doodles also did a cool and huge thing with the CAMP by creating a physical space with the doodles’ rainbow concept:

Ideal for all ages, this immersive adventure will have you creating your very own Doodle, embarking on stylish quests, and embracing the magic of imagination.
with a focus on entertainment and making a fun memory for the attendees, Doodles have created so many different areas like ball intactive games, comics, toys,12 foot tall flowers, etc in a 3,500 square foot environment.

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