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let’s take a review on the global crypto market:
In this week
This week, market quite stable and still ranging between $1.1T and $1.69T marketcap but in general we had a red weekly candle.

now let’s take a look at our 4 favorite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell 1.84% (-$21.431B) and closed at $1.145T

BTC/USDT moved from $30083 to $29281 (-2.67%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1888 to $1861 (-1.47%)

But the TVL in DeFi fell 2.03% (-$876M) and closed at $42.365B


This week we had 3 great pieces dropped on the memes by 6529 collection, but apart from that there was a great release and update on the website which now you can find houndreds of rememes at there, aggregated into one page. Make sure check it out on

Meme Card #112- dre dogue – HOPIUM CRISIS 

Meme Card #123- SamJ– I Pledge Allegiance to the Coint 
Meme Card #124- Afonso Caravaggio – seizing Academy 
make sure to take a look at the RegularDad’s Deca gallery to have a full view and a comprehensive look on all the minted cards in memes, memelab & rememes.

Notable project:

CryptoDickbutts, an NFT project born in 2021, has gained significant popularity and recognition within the NFT community. It has its dedicated space in Punk6529’s Open Metaverse, boasts over 1700 unique holders, and has seen a total trading volume of over 7,000 ETH on OpenSea. Despite being a project based on the character “Dick Butt,” which originated in a webcomic by KC Green back in 2006, CryptoDickbutts has managed to carve a niche for itself and become a symbol of Web3.

The success of CryptoDickbutts can be attributed to various factors, but NFTs being a relatively new phenomenon makes predicting its future challenging. Nevertheless, the project’s growth and continued popularity can be linked to its widespread appeal, numerous derivatives, artistic collaborations, and endorsements from notable names in the NFT space.

The original character’s viral nature allowed it to transcend its creator’s control, leading to the creation of the CryptoDickbutts NFT collection as a homage and gift for early holders of CryptoPunks NFTs. The collection’s popularity led to the release of Series 1, Series 2, and an extended Series 3, each consisting of a limited number of NFTs.

Now, the official CryptoDickButts Twitter and discord announced the season 4 of the CDB drops and an extra announcement about sending a gift to the biggest CDB whale (Individual/group) which made a 25% downward for the collection’s floor price.

The gift will be the ownership of the project which means:
>CDB Twitter Account
>Discord Server
>All Collections
>Multisig Treasury Spot
>Other CDB Related Assets
Questions will be answered in Discord

And here are the multipliers for each CDB asset sorted by their season;
S1: 5x
S2: 5x
S3: 2x
S4: 1x


This at Decaverse the 3rd decuration council ended and the nimnation for the new council is now open at the decurator square linked here. This is a great chance to send your nominees for the 4th council of decurations.

Notable Face:
Vera molnár

Vera Molnár, a trailblazing pioneer in computer art, has unveiled her first and only on-chain generative art project titled “Themes and Variations.” This groundbreaking project delves into three iconic letter forms that have left an indelible mark on the world of digital art. Through a collaboration with Martin Grasser, Molnár reflects on her extensive practice with the ‘machine imaginaire’ amidst the ongoing NFT-driven digital art boom.

“Themes and Variations” is a deeply personal journey for Vera Molnár, tracing back to her decades-long involvement with the ‘machine imaginaire,’ a concept central to her pioneering work in computer art. With the advent of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the digital art landscape has seen an unforeseen boom, offering artists like Molnár new avenues to explore and express their creativity.

To celebrate her debut long-form generative art series on the blockchain, Vera Molnár has signed 25 exclusive “Themes and Variations Artists’ books.” These limited edition books will be given to the first 25 purchasers of “Themes and Variations” by Fall 2023, available only to those who continue to hold the artwork until the book’s release.

Now as always at the end let’s wash our eyes with a blessing beauty of this full spectrum Squiggle minted this week

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