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Time is rare,so LET’S FUCKING GO!!

Before everything we have an announcement;
The 3rd token of the memes by Blouny Collection has been droped. It’s the result of our collaboration with the great visaul artist “Geumat”.
A rememe of the first gm and the first card in gm category.
Read the full details >here<
Minting page is live at the link below

There’s a lot to review but first let’s take a review on the global crypto market:
This week market was whole green with the BTC & ETH breaking $31k & $2k after Black Rock CEO, a $9T asset holder, said that Bitcoin is the digital gold and their Bitcoin ETF is about to be approved by the SEC.

now let’s take a look at our 4 favourite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap moved upward for 3.07% (~$34.9B) standing at $1.173T.

BTC/USDT moved from $30160 $30231 (+0.24%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1863 to $1923 (+3.23%)

And the TVL in DeFi pumped +5.47% in comparison to last week (~$2.23B) standing at $43B

This week in the Memes ecosystem we were in the last week of “freedom” According to the meme callender on the website and SZN 4 starts Monday, July 17.
In the past 2 weeks our favorite mfer, RegularDad started a competition from the SeizerDAO entitled “Seizer Awards” to let the communty choose their favorite names in different parts and the award for the Meme Maxi of the SZN3 went to the one and only PepeLady for running the gmNFT event and you can know more about the event here!!

And here are all the award winners:

Honorary Meme Maxi: rayan_oncyber 

Best Rememer: nft_lady_007 

Most Memetic Card: God Save the Key by cyber_yuyu 

Favorite Art: GM Everyone by deekaymotion 

And as always don’t forget to check out the RegularDad’s Deca gallery and the meme maxi newsletter for more info about the memes ecosystem!!

Notable face

For the notable face of this week, we have chosen the RegularDad!!
One of the meme maxis around the space who’s been working to keep the community fun and active in different ways. Of course you all know about his Deca galleries which give a recap on the whole memes ecosystem since the szn1 which we were attaching it in our szn2 magazines but in such a bearish market like now, hyping the community by fun a competition (Seizer Awards) isn’t something that everyone can do it like him.
Also, he’s been always a supporter for the new rememers or new meme community members.
He’s doing it all with the vibe, and for the culture, he’s a real mfer and mfers do what they want.

For the notable project of these weeks, we are introducing you to the Opepen Edition.
A geometric pepe that went live for minting on Jan 8, 2023, for 60 minutes as a free open edition and ended up at 16k minted editions.
The art was not revealed after the minting, and in that time, it was a rectangle shaped pepe inspired by the batz style who makes pepes using geometric shapes. Then, the artwork started to change with periodically drops that Butcher, randomly, decides about them. Each drop includes 80 opepen with 200 drops in total.

Not like the Checks NFT that each token leans into rarities, the checks uniqueness comes from the collectors participating in the project by doing opt-in with opepens.
Now after 7 months Opepens are conquering the whole space, again!

Not like the Checks NFT that each token leans into rarities, the checks uniqueness comes from the collectors participating in the project by doing opt-in with opepens.
Now after 7 months Opepens are conquering the whole space.

Threadguy the famous NFT influencer, after 2 years of rocking with his MAYC got rejected for the ApeCoin DAO council, recieved many offers for his pfp; FrandDegos offered him a Degods and Y00ts, someone offered a 27E Opepen and many ETH offers like 27E, 42.69E etc. But finally Jack Butcher offer got accepted; an Opepen with the Threadguy’s famous mutant color pallet, after changing his pfp, Butcher immediately opened a claim page for ThreadGuy’s opepen as an open edition only for the provenance at .001E, then the whole Twitter went crazy, opepen pumped from .3E to .6E, different accounts started changing their pfps to opepens, beeple dropped a piece with Opepen, and now accounts like Opensea are changing their pfps into the Opepens with their own color pallets.

Deca recap

Deca, in past weeks had the most breathtaking MVG so far and the competition ended with really close results in voting;

winner gallery 82
2nd gallery 81
3rd gallery 80

Meanwhile the Szn 3 of the Decals has started with Panter Xhita in a new UI for raffle submission in the Decal section in your deca profile.
Don,t forget to check your eligibility for different pools and don’t forget to click to enter the raffle.

At the end, let’s have fun with the Deekay‘s newest piece which is now live for auction at AOTM; “Am i dreaming?

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