welcome to Blouny Mag #11-SZN02


It’s so great to see here fam

Time is rare,so LET’S FUCKING GO!!

Let’s take a review on the global crypto market:

This week market we had BTC back at 30k and charts were full of green candles. But nothing more different than before, still ranging at 25k-30k zone for many weeks.

now let’s take a look at our 4 favourite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap moved upward for 11.55% (~$118.8B) standing at $1.148T.

BTC/USDT moved from $26339to $30462(-15.65%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1720 to $1899 (+10.43%)

And the TVL in DeFi pumped +14.26% in comparison to last week (~$5.15b) standing at $41B

After the crypto here are the top 7 projects based on volume trade on the OpenseaPro AKA Gem!

Let’s start with MEMES:

This week in the Memes ecosystem as always we had 3 amazing artworks that you can check them out at RegularDad’s Deca gallery.
6529 team have been super active lately on many cases about the memes and some for the whole web3.0 like:
-automating AL for memes
+ much more here described completely >here<