welcome to Blouny Mag #10-SZN02


It’s so great to see here fam

Time is rare,so LET’S FUCKING GO!!

let’s take a review on the global crypto market:
We are still in a frozen bear market and after last week’s FUD from SEC, the whole market was kinda red all week long. BTC recovered to 26k, but altcoins atyed under their main resistances.

now let’s take a look at our 4 favourite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap moved upward for 0.55% (~$5.649b)

BTC/USDT moved from $25925 to $26339 (-1.60%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1753 to $1720 (-1.88%)

And the TVL in DeFi changed +0.81% in comparison to last week (~$290.825)

Face of the week: Dmirti Cherniak is a Canadian artist who began his involvement in crypto in 2014, implementing Coinbase’s tripping widget to enable crowdfunding for Bitcoin journalism. He’s mostly known for his Ringer collection, 1,000 NFTs generated by p5js algorithms via artblocks engine. Recently, the Ringer #879 AKA “Golden Goose”, one unique piece from the collection has been sold for $6.2m in th Sotheby’s auction house to the punk 6529.

Memes: In the 9th week of season 3 in the memes ecosystem we experienced 3 super cool drops on meme cards, here are them!

Meme Card #110 – God Save The Key – YUYU

Meme Card #111 – Lost & Never Found – Yakob elmoussa

Meme Card #112 – Morning Echoes – Nikolina Petolas

And don’t forget to check out the RegularDad’s Deca gallery for a better view on the newest memes, memelab and remems drops!

Deca weekly recap:

Deca had a week full of update in their platform;
At the beginning of the week, right after announcing the winner of the 12th MVG, the 13th started.
At saturday, deca released version 2023.06.16 with some cool updates;
-sing up just with email
-subscribe to someone new
-see others’ subscribers
-update metadata or hiding from page
-video controls in galleries
Also in a few days before this release, they announced that the platform now has artist profile for Tezos artists.

At the end let’s dive into the beauty of this masterpiece in the Rongers collection as known as golden goose

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